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    Recently had a suite of blood tests due to feeling like I’m dragging myself through a bog most days. Results show low vitamin D, level of 30 and doctor has advised supplementation. I think she said the range is 30-50 something? And said just to hoick myself up further into the range through diet and over the counter vitamins. From what I can find online (have to say it seems to be one of the most debated vitamins!) it looks like it’s 10mcg a day to take? I’m just wondering how responsive levels of Vitamin D are once supplemented as I don’t like to overtake pills/vitamins if not needed and don’t want to head too far up the other way. I’m also not in the range of ferritin (which is usual for me) so that’s also going to be boosted.

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    I take 25 mcg a day and am now testing in the normal range. I’ve never felt any different (I have deficiencys in about everything it’s possible to be deficient in plus a disease that means this is unlikely to ever change) but after a few months my nails started to feel stronger.
    I could be wrong but at 25mcgs I don’t think it’s possible to over dose on vit D

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    I was on a much lower reading than you, my reading was too low to read! I started at 5,000, with Vitamin D3 5000 Iu, 240 Softgels, by Now vitamins. After a few weeks I upped it to two tablets, so 10,000 Iu.

    The next test from my doctor, after 4 months I was low side of normal. I stayed on 10,000 all winter, tested as OK, so dropped to 5,000 for summer, with a few weeks break altogether. By the end of summer was high side of normal, yay!

    Because I am higher doses two of the tests were from my GP, but I also took a private test through the NHS by post. You can buy it here

    On the doses I am on you *could overdose, so I keep testing, but I feel awful if I let the levels drop.

    You need vit D3 rather than D2, and it works better of you take it with K2. If you are low on D then I would ask your levels for B12 too, as a lot of people are low, but in the UK the medics recommend lower levels then medics in other countries.

    I am surprised that your GP did not recommend a dosage.

    It is worth having a look at “Vitamin D wellness” on Facebook. Not run by medics, but a lot of useful information, but go check with your GP.

    ETA – I just had a quick scan on Amazon and most of the D3 specific supplements are 1,000 to 3,000 units. Here is the lower dose of the one I was taking, at 2,000. I will buy these in spring for a lower summer dose….

    or a lower dose still at 1,000 but with the vitamin K2 already added…

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    Its far, far, far, far too low. You should be aiming for a level of 125. The stuff you get on prescription isnt worth taking. I take 10,000mgs currently and drop to 5000mgs in the summer. For me thats a maintenance dose. Most people need somewhere in the thousands daily though.

    You need a decent oil based D3, magnesium and K2. With regards to B12 insist this is done and get a copy of the results. Under 500 is deficient no matter what your GP says and you need to be aiming for a level of 1000. Anything less than 500 and you really need to be pushing for injections to rectify it, but get the test and result first. Make sure your thyroid has been checked as well. Again, this runs hand in hand with vitamin D/B12 deficiency.

    What were your levels of ferritin and folate?

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    Thanks all. My ferritin currently is 28 (never had a good score for that as had trouble in perimenopause), worst I’ve ever been 6 years ago was 8. But folate, B12 and thyroid all came in as fine.

    Looking forward to the return of the sun!

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    You need to get a print out of the blood test results and check. I was told my B12 was fine for 30yrs yet when I finally found out and looked back over my medical records it has always been an issue and never treated. Its meant most of my adult life I’ve never been properly well.

    The sun in the UK is not enough to maintain vitamin D levels, so you will need to supplement permanently. The good thing about vitamin D is that you will see a noticeable difference pretty quickly

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    The NHS assessment of “normal range” and required dosage are very very underestimated.
    According to the knowledgable FB group Vitamin D Deficiency UK ( the level you need to be able to function well is 125 nmol/l and a good MAINTENANCE (as opposed to increasing level) dose is over 5000iu, with the co-factors mentioned above.
    Worth joining that group if you are on FB, otherwise The Vitamin D Council in the USA

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    Can I just ask you guys, did you feel better once you started on the vit d ?

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    Can I just ask you guys, did you feel better once you started on the vit d ?

    I felt worse when I started on the GP protocol of Vit D3 only, it was high dose ones followed by blue Gel Caps. Then I read Vit D Wellness on Facebook and read the the blue caps can cause problems, and also you need K2 to utilise it.

    I went onto their recommended capsules, with K2 as recommended and did feel better. Still felt bad though, so then went also onto B12, with Folate (not folic acid) to help utilise that too. My Dr had said my B12 was OK, but it was only around 400, which in most countries is considered deficient.

    That did have me feeling better on a daily basis, so I read the Vit D Wellness protocols some more and added Magnesium, in 3 forms. With that too I lost a stone and a half in weight, started running and cycling, did some 5K runs, a Triathlon and a Sportive.

    Sadly, I went had my Vit levels checked in spring last year, and they were well in normal range, and my GP recommended no supplementation over the summer.

    Over the summer, despite having daily sunlight with no sunscreen, I started to feel awful again, put back all the weight, stopped running, had no energy…. But the blood test said I was still high on Vit D.

    I suspect it was a combination of all the tablets that had brought about the improvement. I went back onto all of them, and felt better, but not as good as I would want.

    On reading a Magnesium group I read about Copper being an aid to utilise Magnesium, have added that and am now back running/cyclig, entered a duathlon and a sportive….

    I also have a probiotic in the morning.

    I rattle when I walk but am again feeling top form.

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    My levels were low enough to classed as critical. I had several months of a very high dose and now take a daily 5,000iu. First thing that happened was weight loss. Not a huge amount, just a few pounds, but they fell off quickly.

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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    I had blood test last week and am due back in doctors on Monday for results, however had a clinic appointment at the M S clinic yesterday and as we were chatting about how awful I felt and had had a blood test, the nurse brought the results up on the computer and she told me I has critically low vit d

    Will see what Monday brings. I put all my muscle weakness, and joint pain down to the M S , but glad it’s not that, well hopefully not, and put the brain fog down to the menopause ! 🙂

    I’ve joined the Facebook group and had a quick look, but lots of info to get your head round on there

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    Please dont rely on the doctor to provide you with adequate treatment. They wont. Read the facebook group, but essentially you will need 10,000 ui of gel cap vitamin D, theres a list of the decent brands, 100 to 150 of K2, depending on what you weigh and then a decent magnesium supplement. Please also check your blood test results yourself. Thyroid/B12/ferritin all tend to go hand in hand. If you have MS you need everything to be at an optimal level to function well. So B12 over a 1000 and vitamin D over 100.

    I started the proper treatment and felt a little bit better very quickly, a month in and I was having to tell people how much better I felt as I couldnt believe it, and 3 months in I’m doing more than I have been able to do in years. I am constantly tired, but its the good tired from doing stuff, instead of that vile bone aching tiredness with no cause!

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    As above – don’t forget the co factors though!

    Also if it’s been low for a long time you may find you get an increase in pain for a week or two on the group they call it remineralisation.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Dont buy supplements from Amazon.. Their are so many fakes on that site sold by unscrupulous foreign sellers. Dont take the risk as you could be consuming anything and could be very bad for you. Amazon doesn’t care and wont take down these fakes..Amazon just cares about profit. Make sure to buy your supplements from an actual certified pharmacy.

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