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    Wacoms current cintiq pro tablets are 13 inch and 16 inch and they are pretty good, but if you are professional artists and want to draw using the entire motion of your arm rather than your wrist then these sizes are simply too small. So it is no surprise then that Wacom has announced that they will release two new larger cintiq pro tablets. They will be releasing a 24 inch tablet and a massive 32 inch tablet. The 32 inch tablet will be the biggest tablet wacom will have ever released. If you are a digital artist like me then this is great news but not so great new for your bank balance.

    The new models will have most if not all of the new features that are currently available on wacoms small cintiq pro tablets that wacom released at the start of the year. Including 4k display, pro pen 2.0 support that has over 800+ levels of pressure sensitivity and most importantly NO PARALAX EFFECT (the gap between cursor and pen).
    Wacom has also announced that the prices of these new tablets will be £1,549 for the 24 inch tablet and £2,556 for the larger 32 inch tablet. Wacom has already knocked £350 off the RRP of its older cintiq 27 qhd and 22hd models. It is thought that this is wacoms response to dell who are set to release the dell canvas sometime this summer which will be 27 inches and feature many features that wacom’s bigger tablets currently have but have no parallax effect and cheaper.

    I recently sold a my old cintiq 27 qhd tablet on ebay because of the parallax effect which ruined the drawing experience for me. The parallax made drawing feel unnatural and you were limited to a small section in the middle of the screen where the parallax wasn’t as bad. If you deviated just slightly from this area the parallax would be exaggerated and drawing on the tablet would feel awkward and at times unbearable.
    Another thing that made the cintiq 27qhd a bit difficult to use was that it did not come with a stand this made drawing on it a little bad for your back as you had to constantly slouch over it to draw. Overtime this can damage your back and cause problems. By the looks of wacoms announcement page it does not look as though the new bigger cintiq models will come with a stand either meaning more bad backs!

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