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    Hi guys after overdoing it when out running I have now got really bad sharp pain in my arch and heel in one of my feet. I don’t know what it is but it seems to be getting worse the more I put weight on it and was wondering if a pair of insoles would sort it out for me? Searching online there are so many insoles to choose form and I have no idea where to start. I really don’t have a budget for buying really expensive insoles that may or may not work. Google is no help nowadays all the result I get are just from amazon affiliate sites that will say anything just to get you to click their affiliate links and not actually offering any honest suggestion rather which ever products give them the most profit.

    Lastly will insoles help with my foot pain or not? Could doing some light foot stretches help as well? Any help would or sharing of experiences would be just great as I really want to get this sorted over Christmas. Thank you guys!

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    [quote quote=1432]…Lastly will insoles help with my foot pain or not? Could doing some light foot stretches help as well? Any help would or sharing of experiences would be just great as I really want to get this sorted over Christmas. Thank you guys![/quote]

    Footcaredirect have a range of reasonably priced insoles (I’ve had plantar fasciitis a few times and have near constant heel pain), you don’t need anything fancy, just soft under the heel and not too bulky under the arch. Insoles do help with the pain. Flat skater style shoes with cushioned soles (some do, some don’t) are much more comfy than trainers/approach shoes. Stretching will help but not instantly, check out the NHS website for the pamphlet your GP will give you, it’s aimed at less active old folk really but the exercises help.

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    Sympathies! I found Footreviver arch support insoles worked best for me (but not cheap) and a particular type of Merrel approach shoes – which presumably had just the right support for me. I wear the Merrels all the time – work and play now.

    On the proactive side, I found proper stretches worked really well but, its still a long process to clear up, unfortunately.

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    Thanks for your replies guys. Will check those out. I have been looking at orthopedic shoes but those things are really ugly and would make me look like an old granny lol

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    no standard fit footbed helped my PF. The local GP (MRT member) told me getting inserts from the NHS would be slow and not wholly satisfactory and in the meantime told me to go to a shop in Kendal who would give me made-to-fit insoles that would effect an instant relief (cue internal despair and disbelief at the £70 he warned me about). He told me his wife had had this problem, that the insoles from this business had effected a rapid cure for his wife’s pain plus subsequent diminution of symptoms during intervals without the insoles. Not really believing him I went down with a rather sinking heart to spend cash I couldn’t really afford but felt I had to spend as I was beginning to think my days in the hills were over.

    Result was as he had said – instant relief plus progressive improvement. I also was suspicious about the durability of the product but it has stood up to wear for all types of mountaineering, summer, winter, alpine, Cuillin scre-entry with accompanying ionisation, lightweight scrambling and heavy boots, though I have bought new ones every 2-3 years. I still have all of them more or less intact after 10 years or so.

    The GP told me I’d be joining a host of fell runners who’d used their services. I am not related in any way nor a friend of the proprietor but a very very happy customer who does as much or more as fast or faster than in previous years. Anything Technical is the business. PS with the insoles I found I had reduced toe discomfort walking down hill.

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    Another thumbs up for the Footreviver insoles.
    I have them in my work boots and they definitely help.
    2 stretches that also helped when my physio gave me them.
    Stand facing a wall with the heel on the floor and the ball of the foot against the wall with the toes pointing up and lean in to it to stretch the bottom of the foot.
    The other one was standing on a step with just the ball of the foot on the step and the rest hanging off. Dip the heel down as far as you can then raise it as high as you can. Rinse and repeat both stretches twice a day.

    Please bear in mind I have zero medical training, I am just passing on what helped me.

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    I heard that insoles fix the problems but only ease pain is that true?

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    My suggestion would be to first check your running shoes match your style, easily done at a shop with running machine and video. Second would be to see a podiatrist and see what needs to be done next, eg maybe orthotics etc

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    Not sure if this is appropriate for you, being a runner – but as a walker who has had plantar fasciitis and has spent a small fortune on high-arch bespoke insoles, I eventually found out that my problem was due to tight lacing. The tightness was forcing my arch downwards, over-stretching the plantar fascia tendon and causing pain near the heel bone.

    I realize that loosening the laces may not be the best thing for running shoes, but it certainly worked for me with walking boots and I now have no problems at all.

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    Chris B

    [quote quote=1438]I heard that insoles fix the problems but only ease pain is that true?[/quote]

    In my case that is true. It was a combination of shoes, stretching and giving running a rest which worked. I got away with some biggish yomps in walking boots, though.

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    Insoles do help to correct things such as over pronation which can occur when you walk and cause overstretching and overuse of the ligaments in your foot. Get rid of overpronation and you are less likely to get injury in your feet and lower limbs.

    1+ for footreviver insoles they are the best and I wear them all the time when I go out running and even in my normal shoes. I rarely get any problems with my feet.

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    I use nuovahealth arch support insoles. I have had plantar fasciitis from running on and off over the years. I started using the nuovahealth insoles after my last episode in late 2016. Touch wood it hasn’t reoccurred since.
    I found that rolling my arch over a frozen bottle of water helped ease the initial pain.

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    I heard that insoles fix the problems but only ease pain is that true?

    @pat Pain is a symptom of a problem – nature’s warning system. If you reduce the pain then you have probably helped solve the problem, (And I don’t mean masking the pain with painkillers although taking anti-inflammatory drugs may well help solve the problem)

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