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    Astronomers think they have found a galaxy with NO dark matter.

    I still don’t understand what dark matter is and if it is connected to the function of gravity, however how can a galaxy form without dark matter?

    Am I made up with dark matter?

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    You not alone. Dark matter cannot be oberved directly as it does not interact with electromatic energy. We infer its presence because it exhibits mass and therefore interacts with other non-dark mass through the force of gravity.

    The amount if dark-matter has been estimated by observing the dynamics of galaxies, and in particular it is required otherwise all of the non dark matter (mass) would fly apart under the rotation of the galaxy. The Dark matter mass allows the pull of the mass (dark and non-dark) to be sufficient to hold the galaxy together. I believe this goes for all galaxies.

    As all known matter is composed of subatomic particles it is reasonable to suppose that there is some unobserved dark matter subatomic particle that is either super massive ( and therefore requires more energy to be created E=MC^2 than we can generate in a linear accelerator) or just hasn’t been observed as they don’t interact just as the aggregate dark matter doesn’t interact.

    That I believe is the long and short of Dark Matter as nobody understands it (I think).

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