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    Hi, years ago I was once was addicted to a mmorpg game that had gambling features added to it. For example, there were these eggs that you could buy and open to get a prize or a dud. These eggs weren’t cheap costing quite a bit of real world cash to buy.. another way you could you could earn credits to buy these eggs were through earning credits by watching ads, filling out offers and doing surveys(this often took a lot of effort and time just to earn even a little bit of credit).

    Anyway, I was super addicted to this game and poured in a lot of time trying to earn enough credits to buy lots of eggs to get a prize.. most of the time I would just get a dud worth nothing but once I managed to get a really good prize which I was able to sell for a lot of gold (worth hundreds in real money if you were to buy the gold outright), I then used this gold to buy 100 more eggs and after opening all the eggs I was left with nothing proving the system was rigged. This game is still in operation and is still using gambling features to exploit kids.

    This is just one game.. but by the looks of it these methods are becoming more and more popular with game devs with more recent and popular games adopting a similar systems to drain gamers of their hard earned cash or time.

    Why are these game even allowed to operate? If I was to open up a casino in town without a license and started letting in kids to play a bit of blackjack I would have the police knocking on my door! This game is still operating all these years later and still exploiting kids.

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    No kids games should be doing this especially if they are not licensed and if there are no age restrictions on the game. I am sure there is some authority somewhere that you can get in contact to get them shut down.

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    just another Dave

    A couple of reasons come to mind why game are allowed to get away with this:

    – Formally, you are not gambling for cash, or anything of “real” value – or so the game operators can claim.

    – The games may be run from places having less strict legislation (or less strict enforcement) in place in general, including gambling laws.

    It would seem like there are two paths forward:

    – Litigation, claiming that companies are breaking current gambling laws

    – Legislation, making these practices explicitly forbidden.

    Things will be complicated by the fact that the player and the game server are likely to be in different countries, possibly even different continents.

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