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    Tonight I struggled shutting my Windows 10 computer down. When I went to the Start button and selected shut down, the screen went black and then the desktop popped back up. This happened a few times.

    I could reboot fine. I think I’ve finally shut down but I can’t be sure, especially after reading that other people have had the same problem since the new update.

    Anybody else during this problem?

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    This can happen if there is remote connection open to your PC via, for instance, a VPN. Do you have anything like a VPN or Remote Desktop session open?

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    I wouldn’t worry about it myself.
    All the varieties of Windows I’ve had, I just kill the power at the plug socket and it has always booted up fine.
    Make sure you’ve saved any important work first, but I think most things autosave anyway (verification happily accepted)

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    You may need to upgrade your computer.. as this may be a sign of your computer struggling to cope with windows 10.

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    So far my computer is playing nicely. However my NAS drive is no longer visible on my computer and I don’t know or remember how to map it.

    Agg, fekin aggg.


    The sodding update has removed some applications that I installed as well.

    I fekin hate the fact that Microsoft can remove what ever software it wants from my computer without telling me.

    I am now going to have to re-install google music manager. Why the fek did Microsoft remove that?
    Its not exactly damaging my computer.

    This Windows 10 is getting too big for its boots.

    If the USA wanted to go to Cyber War with whoever it wanted then Windows 10 could do some real damage on the nation’s behalf.

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