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    Mr snrub - "So there was an apparent terrorist attack at a mosque in Finsbury Park yesterday. This mosque was once attended by extremist hate preacher Abu Hamza and has tons of extremist links. The left is now showing more […]"View
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    utterz - "Turns out that wacom is no longer top dog when it comes to drawing tablets any more because by the looks of it DELL has created a beast of a drawing tablet. If you are into digital art then you must check out the […]"View
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    james - "I have been researching different under £1000 cheap DSLR camera that I can buy to help me take better product images and I have narrowed my selection down to these cameras! -Nikon D7200 released march 2 2015, […]"View
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    Mick - "I have been waiting for the AMD’s Vega Gpu to be released which is expected to be released around may 30th before I build my new computer.. however rumour now has it that Nvidia MIGHT be going to be releasing its […]"View
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