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  • I tend to have a pretty solid idea of what i want, so all this test driving and shopping around i don’t understand.

    Eg: I wanted a food focus, so I went and bought one.

    In all seriousness, there are some amazing lease deals around at the moment, im tempted myself.

  • I second diazepam! Last time my back spasmed, I literally couldn’t move. Took a diazepam, went to bed, and woke up cured!

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  • Adam replied to the topic I've given up diet drinks in the forum Health 1 week ago

    Are flavored sparkling waters as bad, I like sainsburys apple and kiwi. Can’t bear coke, fanta etc but am partial to ginger beer.

  • Using a company will usually mean that even if your “regular” cleaner is off you’ll get someone cleaning your house whereas if it’s a private arrangement if they’re ill on on holiday then there’s no one to cover. Companies are usually more expensive as obviously they have more overheads but will be insured for any damage etc. One off deep cleans…[Read more]

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    Thanks for all your comments guys. Surgery is not something that I would want to do. Sounds too drastic and could go wrong. Was thinking more in terms of Cuban shoes without the obvious big heels. Plus you are right about accepting myself for who I am! Now I think about it.. getting taller is only too please other people and to stop snide comments…[Read more]

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    Id love to be taller.. who wouldn’t! As a kid I had my growth spurt to early which meant I was the tallest in my primary school class for years but like Daniel Radcliffe in Harry potter..I never did get any taller. Now I am in my 20’s and at 5 ft 6 Iv lost hope of ever growing taller as I am presuming my growth plates have now closed so was…[Read more]

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    Have you tried swapping SIMs between one of the Android phones that does receive texts from the iPhone 6, and one of the ones that doesn’t? (Don’t forget to send the test texts to the right numbers!)

    If the same phone still doesn’t receive texts even with a different SIM in then that may, indeed, suggest that the problem is at least partly due to…[Read more]

  • I agree silicon valley nerds of EVIL! Just check out this story of a silicon tech boss complaining about fruit sellers on the streets and wanting to get rid of them

  • Adam replied to the topic How to get rid of Norovirus in the forum Health 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    I haven’t caught anything yet, surprisingly, as I catch everything.

    One of my brothers has that horrible cold/cough virus thing and was in bed and seemed very fluey for 2/3 days. I’ve surprisingly managed to avoid it so far but I can feel a cold coming on (or I’m having an allergic reaction to either my horse or the haylage possibly?). Since I…[Read more]

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    There is a pub in the north east of England called ‘The Beamish Mary’ it’s in a village called No Place. They have a great selection of real ales, on open coal fire and real chips with their hot beef sandwiches. The lounge was modernised so it could be used for an ITV period Drake a while back. The bar staff are great, just the right amount of pe…[Read more]

  • Adam replied to the topic Worst pubs ever in the forum General Chat 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    The Knave of Clubs, Chell Heath, Stoke.

    Not sure if it still exists, but this was a shit hole pub on a shit hole estate.
    If you were from the neighbouring village across the fields then it was a no go. I was probably a bit naive that I wouldn’t get noticed but…. a late night lock in was promised back in the day before daft hours in p…[Read more]

  • Adam replied to the topic Wisdom Teeth Removal in the forum Health 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    I had one removed, went home feeling sorry for myself, ate a family bag of lightly salted crisps and two of the six stitches went down with the crisps…
    A salt water mouth wash every few hours is good for healing.
    Good luck, you should be back in action well in time for Christmas lunch!

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    If you looking at something for nothing you need look no further than your local council, if it’s owt like ours. New housing development needs to be built, council asks for sponsorship of a bus service for the next 15 years, where does that money come from?

    And after 15 years the bus service stops!

    That’s happened in Sheffield, the bus which…[Read more]