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  • @adam When written in a reasonable way (like you just have) yes it’s a sound idea to promote inclusivity. I just found the poster (and where it was situated) to be crass. It came across as callous and smacked of double speak.

  • nev replied to the topic Getting taxation right in the forum General Chat 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    That’s happened in Sheffield, the bus which went up the hill near my home no longer runs, not so helpful as people age, or for older people already in the area. It only vanished once the buses were privatised.

    @adam It’s not just buses either, I only found out recently the coppers get a slice of pie from a new housing development.

    So it would…[Read more]

  • Matty replied to the topic Is there life after death? in the forum General Chat 3 months ago

    Let me chime in guys…

    @adam Even under classical assumptions you run into the problem of not having perfect knowledge of the initial states.

    If you actually try to do it, yes. But this is an experimental problem not a fundametal one. A big problem, for sure, but the fact remains a classical consciousness must fundamentally be computable by…[Read more]