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    Not really the same admittedly, but we have a situation with our neighbour.

    Our front garden is a sort of “L” shape with one side of the “L” forming our frontage. The other side of the “L” runs for about fifteen feet along the side of the neighbour’s garden and is about ten feet across from the pavement to the neighbour’s boundary.

    His son has…[Read more]

  • Ali replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 1 month, 1 week ago

    Even if acupuncture is just a placebo…placebo’s a very real effect and doesn’t require you to believe in it or hope it works, and it has a valid place in treating many problems.

    Or it could also just be distraction – the mind does funny things, and you may, say, have been physically unable to extend it for a while, then just ‘learned’ that…[Read more]

  • Ali replied to the topic Continuing headache in the forum Health 1 month, 1 week ago

    Don’t listen too much to people like me speculating on the internet, trust the medical profession!

    Within reason.

    If they can’t do anything better than ‘you have a headache and we don’t know why’, and she’s had it consistently for several weeks, then you can push for further investigation, probably an MRI. And you should.

    The GP is the…[Read more]

  • I watched a police interceptors where a similar thing happened. Licence was revoked by the dvla due not paying fine but he hadnt changed his address so didnt recieve any letters. Got stopped and told he hadnt had a license for the last 4 years. Car seized and point/fine for no licence or insurance!

  • Ali replied to the topic Non jobs in the forum General Chat 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    People trafficking isn’t a job. So no.

    @cam Of course it is, don’t be ridiculous! So is heroin dealing, and all sorts of other things that not only aren’t valuable, but are actually make “life as we know it” much worse.

    Rubber Duck Manufacturing provides jobs and financial security to the families that work there. In turn they will put that m…

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  • Ali replied to the topic Non jobs in the forum General Chat 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    The wheels rim is the population, the wheels hub is life as we know it. Then every single job in the world, is a spoke on that wheel. You can take a spoke away, and it might survive for abit, but eventually it’ll weaken and fail. Every single job is just as important as the next!

    @cam I’m happy that it can be argued that, say, cleaning is as i…[Read more]

  • Ali replied to the topic Rotator Cuff tear…. in the forum Health 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Im currently struggling with a full thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon. Had an Mri scan then had to wait three months to see a consultant. So it appears it needs repaired but been told at least four months recovery . Given, I am self employed, doing a physical job, I have opted to leave it for now. Still managing okay but sleeping on it…[Read more]

  • Good job there isn’t a weak link in the internet and world wide web in the form of a physical cable that could be cut by an armada of submerged drones. Such a physical pulling of a plug could send the west back into the stone age.

    Have you heard of Electro-magnetic pulses?

  • But are those Red nations a physical threat to our way of life?

    Not directly, no. But potentially of threat to our economic or strategic interests.

    Apart from Russia playing war games, are they known for invading counties that they did not think were theirs ideologicaly?

    Well, Georgia, Ukraine etc which they consider to be within their sphere…[Read more]

  • @troll that is my experience too, my left hip is more hypermobile than my right hip, the muscles on my left side overtry to stabilise it and sometimes instead of just being painful going into over drive.

  • Ali replied to the topic How do you buy a car? in the forum General Chat 2 months ago

    What’s wrong with PCP?

    The total cost.

    When I had less money I bought cheaper cars. PCP is in my view a very bad deal in general compared to other fiancing options. The trick to having more money and being able to pay cash is to make minimal and intelligent use of finance. Buying new cars on PCP is the antithesis of this.

  • Ali replied to the topic how to cure muscle spasms in back? in the forum Health 2 months ago

    I have had acupuncture, too. It works like magic.

  • Whilst I like to think it’s like the Clangers up there, the fact we’ve picked up nowt on the radio could mean that intelligent and tech producing life is incredibly rare. The fact that life had been on earth for 3.8bn years before anything intelligent and technology producing evolved would be further evidence of this rarity. So call me con…

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  • Ali replied to the topic How to get rid of Norovirus in the forum Health 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    You have my sympathies Noro is the most vile illness.
    Soap and water is the only thing that kills it on skin (alcohol gel doesn’t) also best to just drink clear fluids and let it rub its course, any diarrhoea ease will just prolong as your body needs to remove the bug.
    I had it and could barely keep anything down for 6days even sips of water I was…[Read more]

  • I currently have this too and I’m on my last day of antibiotics and steroids (I’m asthmatic) with no sign of it clearing. It’s horrible

  • Not just London. Manchester, Birmingham and several other large cities.

    Including the rather awesome Williamson Tunnels under Liverpool:

  • @jack sorry I have no idea what they were called, or where they were from. From memory they were similar to a standard white plastic sparkling wine stopper, with a cylindrical metal section in the middle – there was a ring attached to the top of this, with a string tied to it. You pulled the string, the cylinder slid up (or down, if the bottle was…[Read more]

  • Ali replied to the topic Getting taxation right in the forum General Chat 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    My girlfriend works in the public sector. She’s a civil servant at the DWP. If she gets a particularly good annual review she gets a ‘bonus’ of a £50 Argos voucher.