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  • If Royal Mail is delivering is it partly them?

    @ali I thought that but in this case as Amazon claim to have handed the item to royal mail about 48hrs ago and yet the tracking number doesn’t work on the RM website and they say that the tracking numbers can be generated by the seller before the item is sent.

    In recent experience with RM been…[Read more]

  • nomad replied to the topic Non jobs in the forum General Chat 1 month, 1 week ago

    But how is homaeopathy as important as these? Rubber duck manufacturing? People trafficking?<

    @ali you are suggesting that there is some overall societial worth of certain jobs. Where as the importance of jobs may be localised. So homaeopathy has no intrinsic value as a job (from my view) but it can not be denied that there is a market for it and…[Read more]

  • cam replied to the topic Non jobs in the forum General Chat 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    @ali People trafficking isn’t a job. So no.

    Rubber Duck Manufacturing provides jobs and financial security to the families that work there. In turn they will put that money back into the economy. The actual product can be sold in shops worldwide, providing jobs within the distribution industry… and so on and on.

  • @ali Manchester is full of holes.
    There is, apparently, over 100 miles of coal mines beneath the city. As well a a big old nuclear bunker stretching from just behind Umist up to Salford Uni.