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  • ben replied to the topic Plastic in bottled water in the forum Health 6 days, 11 hours ago

    It’s quite bonkers when you think about the range of products that include plastic: Milk, toothpaste, mouthwash… it goes on and on. Many of the ingredients in our food will have been transported or stored in plastic before being turned into the final products we consume which may not be packaged in plastic.

    Maybe we need regulation like d…[Read more]

  • ben posted a new activity comment 1 week, 2 days ago

    By replacing all workers with robots and not paying anyone anything you kill demand.

    No jobs.

    No one buying stuff.

    No need for robots.

    • Exactly this.

      Just look at most of human history (pre-industrial revolution).

      We had a wealthy elite/nobility, and essentially everyone else was dirt poor.

      The economy didn’t expand, there was no such thing as growth and nobody had any incentive to borrow money (not that anyone would lend it) to invest and grow. As a result things chugged along…[Read more]

      • Maybe Google/amazon want to regress to 1700’s economy. Google’s whole business model is based upon controlling the internet.. monopolizing what people can and cannot see online unless companies pay for adwords etc. Also we already seen how various tech company’s including amazon.. uber etc treat their human workers.

        • @oldnag clone why would Google want to take the world back to the 1700s? No one would have any money to spend?

          Why do you that what they want matters? We in the West live in democracies where we can tell companies how they are to behave, not the other way round.

          • It not about money is it though its about control. For example Mark zukerberg made a speech about giving everyone free money.

            Also its bit pathetic talking about democracy and then referring to me as “oldnag clone” just because you disagree with me you want to undermine the legitimacy of my comments by making out im just a clone.

          • @troll You’re not making much sense. Zuckerberg (and many Silicon Valley billionaires) support some for of UBI.

            Again, this is so that everybody has a basic level of income to spend on consumer goods. Which are of course advertised on Facebook. The way you word it, it’s some kind of Dr Evil plot to enslave the world. I’m not saying there aren’t…[Read more]

          • @troll So Mark Zukerberg is evil because he wants to give everyone free money?

          • @ericPoints Mao, Mariam, Pol Pot , Stalin all wanted to give people free money too because it just that simple.

            Your missing my point. For example lots of tech company’s are worth billions but do not even make a single penny in profit…but are worth so much because they CONTROL their market.

            What would the value of money be if everyone gets…[Read more]

          • @troll I agree 100%! I am wary of tech, can see benefits but the control / know all element is becoming more Orwellian. Would never have that Alexa thing or any thing similar, but most of us have net access and wifi. Ultimately what’s in scifi will happen as most are walking towards tech with tunnel vision.

        • No, Google need to sell advertising. In order for advertising to work, companies have to be able to sell products to consumers. Therefore consumers have to have disposable income. Take that away through mass-unemployment and Google go out of business.

          • You just have to do a product google search to find that this isn’t the case! Google and amazon are fixing the online economy together.

  • ben posted a new activity comment 1 month ago

    The correct course of action if someone is parking on your driveway without your permission is to make notes and take photos of the car every time they park there.

    Place a note on the windscreen explaining they are parking on private property and to remove their vehicle as soon as possible. Also state that if they continue to park then they are…[Read more]

  • ben replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 1 month, 1 week ago

    It’s placebo plus a small infection risk in exchange for your money. What is feeling like you’re doing something worth to you?

  • ben started the topic Non jobs in the forum General Chat 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I was listening to this and a Sociologist (oh the irony) speaks about people doing “Non Jobs” And during the recent storm about the Presidents club, I heard one person say that women should be able to do these jobs as at least its better than cleaning toilets. It strikes me that there is an attitude in…[Read more]

  • @flyguy I see!

    You can only open a dispute if the item has not arrived in the time you have stated on your listing. They opened the ‘item not received’ dispute as at that time they had not received the item. You shouldn’t have posted it after the dispute was opened as you have just cost yourself the postage money. You should refund the buyer.

  • I’m confused as well as to why you posted after the buyer has clearly shown itself as a PITA.

    I would say, ebay’s response would be “have you received you item back? yes? then refund the buyer and *likely* suck the postage up”.
    Re postage, I don’t know if there is a room to wiggle and probably worth asking ebay.

  • @josh Surely it’s good that the Government are open to the idea that a wheelchair user can work?

  • I can’t believe China wanting to ignore thousands of years of keeping to itself to wanting to seek world domination.

    @ben Thousands of years of keeping to itself ? Try telling that to the Tibetans, Vietnamese, Indians or any of the nations that have a stake in the South China Sea.

  • ben replied to the topic How do you buy a car? in the forum General Chat 2 months ago

    I would not go with PCP for new cars. PCP deals on new cars tend to be a total higher cost than a personal loan or a hire purchase agreement. Certainly in the way they are regularly used in practice with people walking away from 2-3 year old cars and starting over again.

    There are plenty of other people – far more credible than when it comes to…[Read more]

  • But just because it is tolerable, doesn’t mean there’s anything about to tolerate it in the first place, necessarily.

    @mo True. But were know the compounds required. We now have a reasonable understanding of star destruction, planet forming, plus the goldilocks distance from a sun. It just comes down to statistics that a planet will form in the…[Read more]

  • @mo Life on earth can tolerate a few hundred degrees temp range. In water, air and other gases. Given the number of stars, solar systems etc.. it would be more surprising if we alone in the universe.

  • Lets consider the Medical profession for example. Currently so much new research and medical advances, together alerts is published daily that no human being has the ability to keep up with it. Imagine all this constant data being obtained, stored, analysed, and acted upon by super computers which within micro-seconds can make a diagnosis and…

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  • I think there are a a few of separate issues with AI worth considering:

    First is the inevitability of automating our jobs, and us having to find new ways to do an economy. Good little clip here:

    Then there’s the questions surrounding making machines that are somehow human-like in the way they can…[Read more]