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  • Once I went into our local Indian takeaway with a streaming cold once and the owner swore by making a tea with a couple of cloves of garlic – he even got me a couple out of the kitchen for me whilst I was waiting and it worked a treat 🙂

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    This really worries me. Who does it really benefit at the end of the day? If the poor do not even have jobs then who is going to buy McDonald’s cheap junk food? In the next couple years I can see more and more people loose their jobs and unlike economic recessions these job losses will be permanent making for a lot of angry people. This industrial…[Read more]

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    Martha a giant Mastiff has been crowned the ugliest dog in the world in a competition in the US. Although if you ask me there ain’t really anything ugly about this dog.
    • I agree, she is just a bit jowly lol. I have definitely seen dogs a lot uglier than this.

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