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  • Cloned plates are a problem. I knew someone who kept getting parking tickets from Coventry when he’d never been in Coventry in his life. The police found out that someone cloned his number plate. At least he got the letters and could fix it without too much hassle. But when the police use a number plate in a speeding case as evidence of the…[Read more]

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    But I find it harder to justify the enormous wages and importance of someone who works in the city making money , in itself a pretty abstract concept, in an artificial way that will likely never enter or benefit the real economy.

    @songbird Actually the city in many ways is the real economy – all that cash that Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were…[Read more]

  • I think the question of life elsewhere in the Universe is a no brainer, with a very high probability of intelligence somewhere. The numbers are just too overwhelming. I think its far more interested to speculate whether there is ever any likelihood of us ever crossing paths with it (or them with us) – even indirectly through EM waves. Given our…[Read more]

  • Sort out the inventory and the state the property was left in by the previous occupant with the agent. Be meticulous and take photos to back yourself up, especially of the state of cleanliness, signs of damp and any marks or chips on the paintwork. This will pay off if you decide to move on. In our experience agents don’t like to give up the…[Read more]

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    @sammy OMG do your history. There were plenty of Labour govts at the time who also starved those industries of investment. They also had far higher rates of tax- both corporation and personal – then they do now and still could not afford the investment.

    Over paying their top directors. The pay of directors is insignificant compared to the costs…[Read more]

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    I agree lots of shills were saying in the comments that this was faked but then they released another unedited video to prove it wasn’t.. also other people posted pictures of them get the same results. Also why would Steven risk his rep and ton of subscribers on making a fake video that could easily be tested. Amazon just quickly changed the…[Read more]

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    Funny how youtube doesn’t censor anti christian videos or ISIS propaganda videos yet takes this down as fast as possible.

  • Same happened to me just about all my comments I have posted have been “detected as spam” even though they are not spam. Disqus is pathetic for censoring peoples views like this.. bunch of fascist liberal control freaks.

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