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    Usually propane is much better than butane in cold weather. Have you checked the regulator? It may have ice on it?

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    My place of work has a policy of not putting on compulsory events outside of the hours of 10am – 4pm.

    Many of my colleagues work in labs and consequently work all sorts of crazy hours, particularly when doing experiments that involve taking a sample every 4 hours or so. Informal social events outside of core hours are common too. The aim of…[Read more]

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    Might not be be your cup of tea but we did a crackig weekend in york. Stayed at the Parisi, did walking tour and then spent a day at the National Rail Museum followed by dinner at Le cochon aveugle (one of top 40 Uk restaurants I think) their tastingg menu is spectacular!

    OR do the same but with fewer trains but more planes (Duxford) in Cambridge…[Read more]

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    How very odd! My friend and neighbour is an amateur photographer and he is doing our photos. He didn’t want to be paid but has agreed to me reimbursing him for missing a day at his usual job. We have talked about the type of photos we want, and all I’ve asked is that he doesn’t use our photos anywhere else, which he wouldn’t anyway, but I just…[Read more]

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    Fucidin antibiotic cream from GP clears mine in 24 hours.

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    It’s flawed maths. It’s as if the university is open 120 days a week… I have left the lab latest at 5AM and came in earliest at 7AM. Never mind weekends.

    It’s just as ridiculous as the petition asking for HMRC to refund all the tax paid due to Brexit*! I get that the strike is disruptive and attention-seeking, but it’s the point of the strike,…[Read more]

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    Bitberger Drive is the best German pilsner type I’ve come across, (Estrella) Free Damm the best British/Euro type drinking lager. Morrisons do the Estrella, can’t find a supplier for Bitberger anywhere.

    Nanny State tastes like fizzy herbal tea!

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    This happened on a road I regularly run on. Motorists are completely unaware of events unfolding right before their eyes and are only concerned with ‘making progress’. Even at 30mph I’d suggest you slow down if you can’t see, you run the risk of driving into the back of a stationary car.

    In the clip you can see the driver was going for the ove…[Read more]

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    There is science to show it can and does work.

    @mel not for very much, but there is evidence to show some effect for pain management.

    If you know of other stuff, please provide credible references.

    My wife is a physio and qualified to do acupuncture, by the way!

    Unfortunately the NHS provides a number of treatments which are no better than…[Read more]

  • I’ve had a couple of cleaners in the past and found them through word of mouth but you do sometimes see ads in the local free ad mags. You can normally ask them to do as many or as few hours as you want but obviously it would have to fit in with their other jobs. Mine charged about £10 – £12 per hour but that might vary from county to county I g…[Read more]

  • @dizzy What sketchers do you wear? I wear gowalk 3s (def an improvement on the 2s)

    I figured I’d just try it, I’d get out of bed and go hobbling down the garden to do Frank, so bloody painful!

  • How does the barefoot thing work please?

    @dizzy I go barefoot… I can only say what I found obviously but essentially giving your foot the chance to work correctly and not have a rigid sole which forces it to roll off the ground faster than it ought to and toe space so they have room for movement- I have wide feet anyway but my Merrels have a…[Read more]

  • I take 25 mcg a day and am now testing in the normal range. I’ve never felt any different (I have deficiencys in about everything it’s possible to be deficient in plus a disease that means this is unlikely to ever change) but after a few months my nails started to feel stronger.
    I could be wrong but at 25mcgs I don’t think it’s possible to over…[Read more]

  • I’m no scientist and I can’t take in many of the facts and figures about things like this. What I do know is that, as a kid, when people talked about the enormity if the universe I used to thing in terms of equating the size of the earth to a pin head and the relative “size” of the universe being the size of a house!
    Obviously, as I’ve got older,…[Read more]

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    This was me on Christmas Day in the afternoon too 🙁
    though I don’t think it was Noro this time, as by 10pm in Boxing Day I felt wiped out but ok ish.

    It’s miserable 🙁 keep chugging the liquid and when you are up to it, BRAT diet to recover. Hope you’re over the worst by now.

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    @sar Good advice. Years ago I used to have a job surveying sewers. Standard practice was to drop the meter down the manhole on a length of rope prior to entry.

    Very rare to see a toxic or explosive environment, but low oxygen was very common. Manholes, step irons and fixed ladders rust, and the oxgen needed in that process comes out of the air in…[Read more]

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    There are numerous signs all around London that there’s more than just fat bergs and trains under the pavements

    How Land Registry data reveals London’s secret tunnels

  • Actual champagne method inverts the bottle to allow the sediment at the cork end and the neck is frozen hard before the bottle is reverted. The top is popped to drive out the ice plug containing all the sediment before being recorked. No idea if you can recreate this at home.

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    Do NOT take additional paracetamol with co-codamol!
    Co-codamol already contains paracetamol.

    I had 2 other teeth removed recently. The salt water rinses are vile, I can still taste it as I had to restart them after one of extraction sites became a bit ouzy.

    I was lucky in the fact that I managed to get by with minimal painkillers but do not…[Read more]