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    Don’t worry about it. Not your fault and the knobjead is unhurt.

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    I thought that I could get my desktop computer to knock some bitcoins out while I went to sleep tonight. That was till I saw what hardware was needed. Let’s not talk about the electricity bill.

    • I have a friend that does this, the kit cost him 8k and it makes about £30.00 a day, it did earn around £60.00 a day when BTC was at its peak.

      Probably covers the electricity bill but isn’t doing much for ROI.

      Stick to speculative means I reckon.

      • Wow over 100% return per annum. Or maybe your friend exaggerates what he makes from it.

    • All that computer power power that could have been used for things such as scientific research wasted on mining bitcoins. Its not even as though hardware/graphics cards are going down in price and more powerful ones being developed… bitcoin has had the opposite effect now its so much more expensive to build a decent computer unless you settle…[Read more]

      • Could be worse and all that computing power could be used in weapons research or focused on taking down a country’s IT infrastructure.

      • Mining is all a bit unnecessary. Some cryptocurrencies they just release the coins. Ripple isn’t mined

      • Not true. Bitcoin is mined with ASIC chips which are no good for anything other than mining Bitcoin. Trying to mine Bitcoin with a PC CPU or even a GPU is pointless, you’ll get so little it won’t come close to paying for the electricity.

        • Oh, I must have been thinking of ethereum which are mined through GPU’s then.

          • Yes, but it’s not exactly scientific research that is missing out when the GPUs are used to mine Ethereum. Maybe there’s a net economic benefit from all those scientific researchers spending less time gaming.

    • The Environmental cost of datacentres has been reported for some time.


      Who’d ha thunk it?

    • Presumably Moore’s law applies to the ASIC chips, and if Moore’s law fails as many are predicting the cost of mining could become prohibitive.

      • Just wait for quantum computing

        • Why would that make mining easier?

          I’m guessing with quantum computing, it will make the problems just as complex that it would even itself out in difficulty to solve the mathematical mining.

          • Yes but the point is quantum computing will break through the Moore’s law technological/physics plateau.

            • Quantum computers are good at certain things, like factorizing, because there are algorithms that are inherently quantum in nature that can efficiently factorize.

              There is a misconception that quantum computers will be able to run existing (classical) algorithms much faster than existing (classical) computers, which is just not correct; in fact…[Read more]

      • The way it works is the difficulty of mining scales automatically to reflect the mining capacity (network hash rate). So if someone comes out with better mining ASICs then after a few months the amount of work to receive a certain amount of coins is increased. If the network hash rate stopped growing then the difficulty would not be increased.…[Read more]

  • Flash memory like that in SD cards has a limit on the number of write-cycles in can have.

    @ratface I’m more interested in the physical lifespan of the plastic materials and their construction to make the SD card. Its the construction of the materials that has failed which as resulted in being unable to read or delete the data. There are no…[Read more]

  • @smith that is the plan, however I am trying to find a consensus of opinion of how long the physical materials of a SD card could be expected to last when they are used occasionally and not in testing or difficult situations.

    I know that SD cards are bombproof provided you don’t subject them to heat where they melt or you try to snap them t…[Read more]

  • How long would you expect the physical materials of an SD card to last for their expected life span?

    I have an SD card which is almost two years old. The case cracked enough for the write protect button to fall out. I can no longer write to the card. The card itself has a high-ish storage capacity and is fookin expensive to replace.

    I was…[Read more]

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    Mine did not sorry – fell running on road 2 years ago and I landed on my shoulder on the side, fracture and tear, now I cannot raise my arm more than level with shoulder without excruciating pain, and pain every day when I hang rugs – change light bulbs – put deodorant etc it is totally wrecked now. I hope your’s heals better than mine.

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    Just reported “amy” to the Utterz admins. They shouldn’t be bothering you again. Very disingenuous trying to get your review removed. It is your right to have your say and no company should be allowed to censor you. Also “social media manager” isn’t a proper job!

  • I use a Chiropractor, he manipulates my back and then massages the muscles. I always feel much better after a treatment! My Problem is muscle too, but when the muscle goes into spasm it does pull my spine slightly out too.

  • Assuming the product is halfway legal in the US or here, it should have the important information written on it. Try to get a photo showing the ratings label. It will probably say something like “90-250V, 50-60Hz”, in which case all you need is a physical adapter to fit a UK plug. If it says something else, post that here, and someone will tell…[Read more]

  • The UK’s armed forces couldn’t have dealt with the Russians even when they were at Cold War strength.

    Now they’re a token gesture and we’ll do what the rest of the free world does and depend upon the US to be the deterrent.

  • Ugh these devices aren’t created for your benefit they are intended to assimilate you into the hive mind.

    For example you have invested in Amazon echo and amazon prime so you only shop on amazon. Also Google home is designed so that you form a habit of only using google to find your information and search the internet.

    These devices might be…[Read more]

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  • jam replied to the topic how to cure muscle spasms in back? in the forum Health 1 month ago

    I feel for you – I know well that back pain that paralyses you and is almost too sore to breathe past

    I took so much in the way of pain relief i was out of my head, but a herbalist gave me valerian, passiflora and chamomile alongside pain herbs and that worked a treat.

    The thing that helped me most was a hot water bottle and rest

  • jam replied to the topic How do you buy a car? in the forum General Chat 1 month ago

    Bought my most recent car new from a main dealer a couple of months back, first new car I’ve ever bought, however a quick look on autotrader shows only 3 of them in the UK so realistically having set my heart on it, it had to be new. However 2 things I learned in this experience of buying new:

    cash isn’t necessarily king – paying outright isn…[Read more]

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    As countries develop their birth rate drops.

    @niles The problem I have with the statement is it’s a bit of a cop out. The population is arguably already way too high to sustain ourselves in concert with all the other flora and fauna on the planet.

    And as we develop it has been shown we consume far far more per person.

    Hoping development will…[Read more]