• james posted an update 1 year ago

    By the looks of the search results and algoroo.com which reports changes in the search results it appears as though the disgusting pigs at google have unleashed yet another google update days away from Christmas in an attempt to kill off even more small businesses to extort money from them (because earning billions each year and not paying tax just isn’t enough for google). By the looks of the search results google has bumped up amazon and information websites (mostly disingenuous amazon affiliate websites) and has penalized small e-commerce websites to try to force them into buying ads. There were also reports of a google update days away from black Friday as well… and google also did the same sort of thing last year and the year before to try to extort money from small businesses. Googles excuse for this deliberate and evil behaviour is that it wants to improve its users experience by providing the most relevant and non spammy results… but I fail to see how just showing amazon for the first 4 results every time you search for something or a spammy disingenuous amazon affiliate sites helps anyone!

    Google has a monopoly on internet search which means that they are basically the gatekeepers of the internet and are able to censor websites and use their dominance to extort money from small websites in order for them to show up in the search results. I think google should be broken up because it has far too much power and is abusing it!