• james posted an update 1 year ago

    This is very interesting apparently scumbag Obama has been busy signing away freedom of speech. Late last Friday night (whilst everyone else is busy with Christmas) Obama signed the 2017 National Defence Authorization Act which will pump $616 BILLION into the American military budget and also the dangerous Counter Disinformation and Anti-Propaganda Act which bans so called “fake news”. The bill for the counter disinformation and anti propaganda act states that America should start “developing a fact-based strategic narrative; and an important element of this strategy should be to promote an independent press in countries that are vulnerable to foreign disinformation ”…So in other words America wants to spread its own propaganda in other countries with its own “act-based strategic narrative”

    All of this comes after the main stream media has been trying t socially engineer people into thinking that so called “fake news”, is a problem and that it needs to be stopped…. when the real problem is the totalitarian government trying to censor freedom of speech.
    It really cannot get more obvious than this that the American elite want to control the flow of information and what people believe is true because if they can do this then the America can have ultimate control.


    • Peter replied 1 year ago

      So basically the liberals/fascists want to shut up all opposition and want to spread their propaganda into other countries as well. Obama is disgusting and complete and utter hypocrite and plutocrat. Will be interesting to see if Trump keeps this or undos it… I think he will probably keep it :/