• james posted an update 1 year ago

    Google is an extremely dishonest company and uses every trick in the book of “how to be an evil and dishonest multi billion dollar company” to avoid paying billions and billions in tax worldwide… Google also penalizes censors a load of sites that do not conform to their guidelines..(more often than not to force them into buying ads) but does not penalize Jihadi terrorists from its search results. IT IS AN EVIL MACHINE AND THAT IS WHY IT IS NOT TOO FAR FETCHED TO THINK THAT GOOGLE WOULD SCAM ITS OWN AD CUSTOMERS.
    I am convinced that google is scamming webmasters by sending bot traffic to people who buy ads on adwords, you can go to just about any webmaster forum and find people complaining that their ads are not converting on google. Google may also be inflating search impressions for a keyword meaning a product keyword in adwords says that it is getting 4000 searches per month but in actual fact only 400 real people are actually searching for that product per month…I have seen product keywords jump for no apparent reason at all go from getting 400 searches per month to 5000. Everyone seems to take googles word for it that searches get the amount of searches that they say they do but google does not provide any evidence to prove that they are getting these numbers of searches! If you ask me I think google should be broken up because it has too much power and too much control on other peoples businesses and uses its power to extort money out of small businesses by forcing them to buy EXTREMELY expensive ads just to be visible on the internet. #Rant over!