• james posted an update 12 months ago

    I have been researching different under £1000 cheap DSLR camera that I can buy to help me take better product images and I have narrowed my selection down to these cameras!

    -Nikon D7200 released march 2 2015, meant to be very good. Costs £799 from John lewis (a bit steep), Designed around its big brother the d500 which costs £1729.00. This camera has the better specs out of all of the cheaper ranged DSLR cameras. It has 24.2megapixels and 51 point auto focus.

    -Canon EOS 7D Mark II released September 15 2014, mainly for taking photos at high speed such as sports and stuff like that but is said to be also good for taking normal pictures. Costs £389. Features 65-point auto focus but only 20.2 megapixels!

    -Nikon D3300 released January 2014. The camera is cheap but easy to use. Has 24.2 megapixels and 11 point auto focus. Costs £309.00 from john lewis

    Canon EOS Rebel T6i / Canon EOS 750D is a little bit more money than the nikon d3300 but it packs more of a punch. Low noise levels so more clarity than other cameras in the price range. Features 19 point auto focus and 24.2MP Costs £549.

    If any one has anymore suggestions then I am all ears!

    • Hmmm… if you are taking product images you don’t need to spend a ton of money because lighting and set up is a lot more important than camera.

      • Thanks I ended up buying a photogeeks light kit and it was really rubbish. Going to get me a studio in a box instead see how that works out 🙂