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Site5 review -why you should’nt use them!

Are you thinking about buying site5 hosting? My advise to you would be to avoid this scam web hosting company! I bought 1 years worth of site5 web hosting for my e-commerce website (you have to pay yearly not monthly which costs $71.40) and I really wish I hadn't and here's why!

Initially the 2 months of using site5 were okay and I had not trouble with speed or uptime however after the honeymoon period and once sites5's “45 day full satisfaction guarantee” had ended and site 5 had my money I started getting major problems.

The first problem I had and it is a big one is that site5s servers got hacked. I started noticing weird folders and files appearing in my sites ftp.. after looking at the files inside the new folders it became evident that someone was uploading malware to my site! I take security very seriously and always make sure that my wordpress sites are always fully up to date and was use an extremely secure password, so it was very unlikely that the hack was because of something I did. I decided to search on google a footprint left by the hacker on one of the dodgy files. This led me to discover on google a number of other websites that had also been hacked in the exact same way... after doing a whois search on the domain names I found out that all of these sites were being hosted by site5! This meant that it was site5 fault. I told site5 about this hack and they fixed it but did not apologise or give me any compensation for my site being hacked and more business nearly being destroyed.

A few weeks later I started to notice that my site was getting slower and slower. My Site then started to get so slow that it became unusable! So slow in fact that I have actually used FREE HOSTS in the past that have performed better!
This was no laughing matter as this diabolical slowness was having a huge impact on my sales. Site speed is hugely important for e-commerce sites... if you site is slow people will not bother to wait around for a page to load they will simply click the back button and buy off another site instead. Also how fast your site is s also a major seo factor.. meaning if your site is very slow to load search engines like google will not rank your site very highly (especially not in google mobile site index).
My site hardly gets any visitors (less than 30 unique visitors a day), and it does not run any resource intensive plug-ins or themes.. it is a very basic site. It is site5 rubbish servers that is causing my site to be so slow! Pingdom site speed testing too also confirms this, indicating that the servers response time is what is causing the slow speed.

I am extremely annoyed with site 5 as there poor service is having a really bad negative effect on my business. Site5 is a con and I advise people to no bother with this expensive, frustrating and slow host!

Old man sketch

Here is a recent sketch that I have done in Photoshop using my wacom cintiq 27qhd (I am really annoyed about the news that there is going to be a new cintiq pro with no parallax effect and is going to be cheaper than the cintiq 27qhd going to be released in December, if only I waited!)
I have been looking online for tutorials on how to draw better but I just about disagree with all of them! There are a lot of tutorials on the internet especially on YouTube telling people that the best way to improve your drawing skills is to simply keep on drawing every day the the same thing over and over again to get better. Drawing something repeatable over and over again isnt going to make you better at drawing because your not going to magically grow an extra finger which is going to make you automatically better at drawing if you do. Practising like this could also make you worse at drawing as you might become disillusioned and fall into the habit of drawing as part of a formula rather than an using it as a means of expression.

Everyone has the ability to draw as good as any famous artists..

Yes drawing is about technique and practice will help you to refine your technique however more
importantly it drawing is about self belief and having confidence! If you rely too much on technique your drawing will be limited by your technique moreover you can send yourself absolutely mad if you
constantly worry about proportions or whether it will look right to others... what is more important is if your drawing looks right to you because at the end of the day that is the only real opinion that
counts because it is your art and your expression. SO DONT WORRY WHAT SNOOTY ART CRITICS HAVE TO SAY! What you should aim for is for your drawings to be just limited by your imagination instead of what others think and not to worry about if it the correct proportions because you can simply take a photograph of something if you want a picture of something that has the right  proportions.

Drawing a hand in photoshop!

I thought I would just post these hand studies that I created in photoshop using my cintiq 27qhd to help people who maybe Struggling with drawing hands.
The hand is a very expressive and can portray an array of different emotions just on its own.

Whenever you are drawing the hand it is vital to draw the bones and ligaments in proportion and the proper mechanics of the hand. If you draw the bones in positions that you cannot replicate on your own hand your drawing will look both awkward and just plain wrong. Remember also that as with all drawing it is important to imagine what you can both see and what you cannot see to be able to suggest mass to illustrate the form of the hand properly.

Here are two animated gifs to show my drawing process from start to finish.

drawing-hands2 drawing-hands6

If you have any questions or requests for another drawing how to post please post below!