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    Also when blowing up the balloon the surface area is expanding everywhere.

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    Think about where is the center of the surface of a sphere.

  • @crud Kodi is great for local media, ok for iplayer and itvplayer but useless for Amazon video/Netflix/4oD. Initially I enjoyed mucking around adding new features, but eventually (after about 4 years) got to a point where I wanted something that just worked. Have been very pleased with the Roku so far, mine is quick to respond and intuitive…[Read more]

  • If Royal Mail is delivering is it partly them?

    @ali I thought that but in this case as Amazon claim to have handed the item to royal mail about 48hrs ago and yet the tracking number doesn’t work on the RM website and they say that the tracking numbers can be generated by the seller before the item is sent.

    In recent experience with RM been…[Read more]

  • @matt The current order is sold by an independent company but “Fulfilled by Amazon” which means that the item is stored in an amazon warehouse and dispatched by them etc.

  • Anyone noticed anything odd about the free delivery offered by Amazon recently?

    I normally go for the free option just because I’m tight and not normally too bothered if something takes a few days to arrive.

    It used to be a case of some stuff would still arrive next day and others would take 3-4 days but I’ve noticed recently that if you just go…[Read more]

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    Was looking at this recently as I moved away from Kodi on a raspberry pi and struggled to find an option that covered everything I want. In the end I went for the basic Roku streaming stick, which does comes complete with its own remote. I’ve been pleased with it, runs smoothly and is user friendly.

    WiFi only, but if you’ve got an Ethernet…[Read more]

  • I had a back molar extracted last year. From memory don’t drink alcohol or smoke for 24 hours, or use a straw (sucking can displace the clot). Don’t rinse your mouth out for 24 hrs then gently rinse after eating with a salt water solution. Take paracetamol if needed, I think you can take ibuprofen but not as sure on this. When brushing teeth keep…[Read more]

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    I use Vidahost.

    I used to host with a guy in the states, who wasn’t just hosting but helping with stupid errors (like critically crashing sites) newbies usually make. Unfortunately, a few years ago he decided to retire (and down a grapevine I have heard he died since) and suggested to use above mentioned vidahost.

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    What a sad story. I am no great fan of dogs but I am fighting back tears. A horrible and undeserved end

    but: you are *not* to blame. You did what was in your power to do, and more than most would. Your neighbours are lucky there was someone as selfless as you to even attempt the rescue.

    Speak to them. It’s likely to be emotional; but you both n…[Read more]

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    @fred If you don’t mind me asking, why do you drink so much bottled water/drink? I’ve never seen the need so I’m not sure why people would do. Just curious. Thanks.

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    As the vast majority of bottled water is de-chlorinated tap water…

    @doormat I had no idea about this. Never buy bottled water, but assumed it was all spring water and boreholes from aquifers, as that what they say on the bottles!

    If it’s as you say, and the plastic is from mains water or the bottle fab/bottling process, then that’s a big…[Read more]

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    If you haven’t seen it, there’s an interesting article about a study that found plastic within bottled water.


    I might have missed it, but where did the plastic come from? Is it from the bottles themselves (left over from the bottle manufacturing process, and therefore an incentive not to…[Read more]

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    Lifestyle can have a massive effect. I now work in an environment where I am in around 7am, take no breaks and end up getting home about 8pm. If I cook I am usually eating abut 9:30-10pm and taking in most of my calories for the day before heading off to bed an hour or two at most later. This is not having a good effect on my waistline.

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    Not quite the same but if you have spotify you can run that in offline mode on your phone

  • Surely since to our knowledge life has only ever arisen once on Earth

    @mo It only had to once…

    And there are different forms of life, that use different chemical pathways for energy, some of which are mutually incompatible. Early oceanic life was sulphur-‘breathing’. It was mostly eliminated by the evolution of oxygen-based lifeforms; oxygen…[Read more]

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    Bennigans in Castlemilk now an ex-pub.

    Did it have a flat roof? ‘Never drink in a pub with a flat roof’ has always seemed good advice to me although I have been in a few such establishments.

    The best pub I have ever been to has to be the Ty Coch Inn, in Morfa Nefyn on the Lyn peninsular

    Brilliant pub, and great location!

  • @troll yes I do agree it is a worse case scenario, my agent was both horrified and furious with the landlord. I did think about whether to post or not but given that the OP had mentioned a ‘Weirdo landlord’s father’ I decided to post. A door chain is a good safety measure anyway. Again I agree super rare for this to happen.

  • I seriously do not want to put a damper on this but a word of caution = several years ago I rented a house from a reputable agent – all went well and the rent was paid on time etc. I had a shift change and worked nights for several months – one day I was woken hearing someone in the house – the landlord and his mother had let themselves in,…[Read more]