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    I wouldn’t expose it to the air because it will get infected and that would be way worse pain, and would scar as well.

    The clear fluid is plasma and is part of the natural healing process. It is exudate and is a fluid produced as part of the normal wound-healing process, and is essentially blood from which the platelets and red cells have been…[Read more]

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    What was Alex Jones even doing wrong to get them to call the police? STOP WASTING POLICE TIME GOOGLE!

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    I do wish we’d had more political stuff in school, unless you did A level it wasn’t mentioned and it mostly managed to pass me by and in a democracy I think it would be useful if people knew how things worked.

    I think maybe pupils should start when they fancy it I was desperate to go at just 4 (august birthday), was forced to do half days for the…[Read more]

  • Is it discrimination if shops charge more for larger size clothes of the same range of clothing?

    More cloth is used, so why should this be subsidised by people who pay the same for smaller size clothing?

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  • @ycbm what would you have them do? I’ve two step kids, neither of whom are capable of working due to severe myotonic dystrophy and associated conditions (autism, epilepsy). Both have been to a special needs schools and then college. One has now finished college and has done various work placements. the other has just finished school and is at…[Read more]