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    The personal offence taken or otherwise, is, to me a secondary consideration. Casual racism, anti-semitism, Christianphobea, etc is an enabler of greater evil.

    • That’s a good point. but it can also work the other way around, the word gay has now changed from being an insult to just a word now, so things can change. If everyone took offence to being called gay it would once again become an insult.

      But I think you have hit on something valid there, from my son’s (half cast) point of view, it’s the casual…[Read more]

      • I’d argue that in liberal western countries it’s not that the word gay has changed from being an insult so much as the fact that being gay is no longer seen as odd or shameful (However, that doesn’t make western society right).

        The example you gave of jokingly asking the Jew to look after the money is hideously offensive because the Nazis used…[Read more]

  • Is it Amazon things or marketplace things? Some people get confused.

  • On COD multiplayer just about every match I try to play gets interrupted with “Lost connection to host/server”, ya know its going to happen when everything suddenly lags and all the other players seem freeze leaving you free to roam around the battlefield then the game just crashes. Because of this sudden crash means all xp and achievements you…[Read more]

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    I received an email from Ebay telling me that my account had been locked, follow the link. Nothing strange about that until I later went onto Ebay and almost fell off the sofa with surprise when I found that it was real, my account WAS locked!!!

    That has never happened before!

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    Always bear in mind that the dashboard lights can be fail too, so maybe the engine light does not light! you could perhaps try and force it to light by creating an engine fault situation

    Getting a code reader is a good double check if all else fails.

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    Rebelling against Tech? It’s not going to happen. Look at how many billions of people are quite happily living their brainwashed, by Apple for one, lives. We’ll just sheepishly accept whatever’s thrown at us. They’ll just moan about on social media with their mobile devices.

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    Orient Express for sure…my parents did a trip on Flying Scotsman a few years ago staying in luxury hotels at either end of the journey…but cant remember exactly…might have been a London -Edinburgh trip or York- Edinburgh..could look that up to see if still doing anything. Congratulations on the longevity of your marriage!

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    Blistex worked for me, I don’t have them any more but it did. Once I had a really long lived one and I was prescribed fuciderm (I think it was called, or is that what the dog has!!??).
    Blistex does sting when you put it on, but not for long.

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    You should try some Berliner Weiss beers. They are fermented and soured with a sourdough culture before being boiled and fermented with an ale yeast. Hawkshead brewery do one called solar sour which is 3.3% and absolutely delicious and very refreshing on a hot day.

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    My advice if one locks gates on a parked car would be first to apologise for locking the gates but you only did it for security reasons. Then tell that you will let them out straight away but first you have to find the key (takes ages). Having found the key loudly state that you will not keep them any longer, apologise for any inconvenience and…[Read more]

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    I’m 6′ 4″, 35″ leg trousers, size 13 shoes. I’d happily shrink about 4″ (taken off leg length, ideally mostly off upper leg so I don’t have to pay for extra legroom on flights) and 2 shoe sizes, to be honest.

    The moral of the story is probably just to be happy with who you are