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    Don’t know the model, but if it has an ecu have you disconnected the battery recently? Could be a coked throttle body and the computer has reset. Just saying because I’ve recently had something similar in my 05 avensis. Or a lambda sensor – They can be sporadic when it comes to throwing error codes.

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    That is a tragedy. I’m not sure you could have done more and well done for trying.

    Ive had a dog tragedy myself in different circumstances and it’s traumatic hence your feelings of guilt.

    Go and see them. There will be tears but that’s what life’s about. The longer you leave it the harder it is.

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    Most likely the plastic is coming from the bottle manufacturing, filling and transportation process.

    Larger particles will most likely just pass through you, although getting stuck in the gut is a possibility. It’s the smaller fragments that are more of a concern and the potential for them to somehow have an increased bioavailability.

    I w…[Read more]

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    We seem to have two issues here.

    One is being a Luddite. I would suggest you go look at all the jobs that have been created in the tech sector. This fear of tech taking people’s jobs shows the same short sightedness of the machine breakers of the textile mills. Just because some jobs becomes redundant, doesn’t mean new jobs aren’t being created…[Read more]

    • I’m firmly on the side of seeing technology as a net benefit (surgery without anaesthesia anyone?) but I have to disagree with your sentiment.

      When we moved from the industrial age into a largely service-based economy, humans were heavily displaced by machines in manual jobs, but we still had our cognitive skills with which to create new jobs and…[Read more]

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    Dad had his done this year. Was driving after a few days. I had to chaperone him from the hospital but in all honesty he was fine.

    Two oddities.
    – His eyesight suddenly went a bit weird for about a week about a fortnight after the op and then went back to normal as quickly as it happened.
    – The opticians made a hash of his new glasses…[Read more]