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  • My boss has the same problem with her iphone and my android phone, she can’t text it. Needless to say I haven’t investigated further…

  • mo replied to the topic How to get rid of Norovirus in the forum Health 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I don’t know what I have but it started on Boxing Day night with sickness that lasted pretty much all of the next day and now I am contending with a literal waterfall of mucus, yum, but I guess I do feel better. I used to be impervious to germs, hardly ever got colds or other bugs, until I started taking medication that surpresses my immune…[Read more]

  • Legalising and destigmatising drugs might help. Although getting pissed is still fun and I suspect would continue to be a popular choice.

    David Nutts plans for booze substitutes are interesting, but I’m not convinced they’ll really work.

    I think the idea of young people wanting to stay sober is a non starter though. They’ll always want to get…[Read more]

  • No kids games should be doing this especially if they are not licensed and if there are no age restrictions on the game. I am sure there is some authority somewhere that you can get in contact to get them shut down.

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  • It’s a sad indictment of British culture that these are even required.

  • mo replied to the topic Best pubs in the uk in the forum General Chat 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I live in the peak district best pubs there are…

    Three Stags Head at Wardlow Mires
    Red Lion at Litton
    Bull at Foolow
    Packhorse inn at Little Long stone
    Quiet Woman
    The middle three do really good food too.

    For posh pubs, my local The Chequers at Froggatt is excellent as is the Devonshire Arms at Beeley.

    Further afield, the Golden Rule in…[Read more]

  • mo replied to the topic Worst pubs ever in the forum General Chat 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    @el funny you should say that.

    As an Edinburgh resident and having thought about this carefully I must demur. Admittedly being shot at by a customer of the Coopers rest in Easter road did not endear me to that particular bistro and I believe a quiet pint in the Doocot in Muirhouse can turn into a trouser filling experience even if it isn’t…[Read more]

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    @troll When we got the first one, roomba was pretty much the only company in the market.

    We don’t have a cat, but I don’t believe they all hate them. I have seen videos of cats using them as nice heated chariots for moving between rooms without effort, and being able to side-swipe the dog as they travel past.

  • mo replied to the topic Best Robot vacuum cleaners? in the forum Tech 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    @el It won’t, so you need a regular vacuum cleaner for those occasional tasks. Vacuuming the stairs is now the biggest chore of that kind in our house.

    Also, pre-roomba: carefully scoop tablecloth up from dining room table, shake over sink, cursing when crumbs go over the floor
    Post-roomba: grab tablecloth and shake hurriedly over sink, not b…[Read more]

  • mo replied to the topic Best Robot vacuum cleaners? in the forum Tech 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    @sar Yes they are thorough. Our roombas do take a random trajectory but keep going much longer than a human cleaner and the randomness means that if they miss a spot one day they won’t keep missing it, unless it is genuinely hard to reach – if you have small rooms and lots of furniture it may struggle.

    For me the important thing is p…[Read more]

  • The only thing that works for me to stop me coughing is codeine linctus – it is absolutely brilliant!!! The codeine stops the ‘tickle’ in your throat. I’m so pleased my GP recommended it, if you are OK with codeine then do get some, you won’t be disappointed

    @mick That does make sense. Codeine is very similar chemically to morphine (and hero…[Read more]

  • Cut down on lactose as much as you can.

    We’re all lactose intolerant to some extent so our immune systems are always dealing with it. If you can cut down the lactose you’ll free up more immune system to fight the virus.

  • Ditto, I used to sell a fair amount on ebay, but haven’t used my account to sell in ages. These days I use preloved instead.

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    @sammy you can argue the rights and wrongs of nationalisation but it’s important that in the 70’s and early 80’s the country was very much broke, and there wasn’t money to pay for updating various utilities. The lending rates at the time made borrowing prohibitive, so the appeal of privatization was partly to access private money.

    I’ve worked as…[Read more]