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    Reddit absolutely sucks as nowadays you cannot post at all on that site without your posts being deleted by overzealous control freak mods with nothing better to do…. it used be that you could post anything on that site but not any more!

    • I know right! Reddit sucks as it claims that it is all about freedom of speech but if you just link out to one of your sites you get banned from that subreddit faster than you can actually press the submit button. I hope utterz takes it place as at least here you can post what you like even ads without the ban hammer smacking you in the face constantly.

    • Mick replied 1 week ago

      Twitter is even worse, the other day I made an account on twitter and made just TWO tweet and then my account got blocked :s

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    I really hope that Donald trump lives up to his word and helps to stop the persecution of Christians in Syria by getting rid of these evil terrorists that are killing these people (or at leasts et up a mini country for them to live in safely somewhere away from persecution)! These Christians in these countries have not hurt a anyone at all and…[Read more]

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    Hmmm… if you are taking product images you don’t need to spend a ton of money because lighting and set up is a lot more important than camera.

    • Thanks I ended up buying a photogeeks light kit and it was really rubbish. Going to get me a studio in a box instead see how that works out 🙂

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    Yo happy chinese new year! Tis the year of the rooster 😀

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