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Godaddy Sucks!

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If you want cheap, fast and reliable hosting then avoid Godaddy. Godaddy isn't even that cheap as the cheapest shared hosting package that you can get from godaddy is $5.99 a month!
Godaddy is extremely greedy which means it crams as many sites onto their shared server as possible which makes the sites that they are hosting extremely slow.
Not only does Godaddy suck at hosting sites but it also has really bad support. Godaddy is a multi billion dollar company but I have no idea why they treat their customers like dirt. If you get into contact with godaddy for help all their support staff are interested in is up selling you more garbage rather than helping you with a problem with THEIR servers!
Just search the internet and you will find a lot of complaints against godaddy.

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  1. I honestly really have no idea how godaddy is so successful with their CRUDDY ARSE hosting. It is absolutely awful. FREE Zymic hosting is better.