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  • @stew That equation doesn’t really deal with the likelihood of life actually arising though does it? The chapter “Fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life, fl” touches on it saying that for one reason and other it appears to be a fairly likely outcome given the right conditions, but then this:

    “From a classical hypothesis testing…[Read more]

  • @nerdkid When you experience powerful and life-changing states of mind through meditations or by the words of some wise person,koan or chemical then seeing pure consciousness as a cold logical process becomes both true and false.

    It is of course obviously true in the physical sense but when you experience these altered states a new reality…[Read more]

  • callum replied to the topic Is there life after death? in the forum General Chat 3 months ago

    @nerdkid Crowd Science do a couple of podcasts that explore life after death. Basically there is no evidence. They do however present evidence and mechanisms for near death experiences. This includes actual experiments to verify out of body experiences. Worth a listen for those interested