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  • In my case-sports massage sorted it out, also had a steroid shot for an impingement but also had something similar to what you describe prior to that. I am very one sided (or I was) thought lots of manual work etc which brought it on. I had massages monthly for about 6 months, job done. wouldn’t ever use a chiro.

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    It depends a lot on your risk profile. But there are occasionally viruses which do not require any activity, foolish or otherwise, on your part. I would say antivirus is still advisable on Windows 10, and essential on earlier versions.

    No need to buy though, there are perfectly functional free ones. I would recommend Bitdefender or Avast. Both…[Read more]

  • Couple years ago talking to an inanimate object as though it was a real person would get you put in the nut house.

    These products to me seem to serve Google/amazon more than they would serve me. I have a cd player, computer that can do everything these things can do and I get to keep my privacy.

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    1) If you are buying new, decide on what you want and then contact every dealer in the UK asking for a quote for the specific model, engine size, extras etc. that you want.

    2) Take the cheapest quote and contact everyone who replied again asking them to beat it.

    3) Repeat 2 (optionally you can knock another £X off the price and lie about the…[Read more]

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    @peter In developed countries the birthrate is falling and hence the natural population will shrink over time.

    Luckily we are able to prevent the population from retracting by immigration.

    The Chinese found that limiting the number of children is economically disastrous. The main problem being old people had no one to care for them. To…[Read more]

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    As countries develop their birth rate drops. There are a few reasons for that. One is more children make it to adulthood so couples don’t have to have extra children to compensate. Another is children start going to school, so they’re not productive members of the family working on farms or factories. Another is better availability of con…[Read more]

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    What about other junk drinks like coke etc?

    I know someone who had a minor stroke age 30 and he was told it was from drinking red bull excessively and working long hours (farmer).

    I only drink highland spring sparkling water. I just hope they don’t find a health risk with that!

    @scarymary Anything with artificial sweeteners in… Aspartame w…[Read more]

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    @howard Interesting, thank you. I read it in the Telegraph, and that failed to point out the flaws in the study.

    I’m sufficiently concerned with the correlation, given that my dad had ischemic strokes on a regular basis before he died.

  • After reading a study online about the effects diet drinks can have on your health… I’m never going to drink an artificially sweetened drink again. A seventeen year study of four thousand people, properly scientifically analyzed, has found a three times risk of having a stroke or developing dementia if you drink ONE a day

    That’s too big to…[Read more]

  • Word of mouth. Failing that if your local area has a “mums” page on Facebook, as they are a great place to get recommendations.
    Down south, going rate is £10-15 an hour. For a one off clean, try a company such as Molly Maid.

  • And is DNA generic throughout the Universe – I suspect that it is

    Have a google of ‘panspermia’

    Interesting. Maybe panspermia could be harnessed in some way to permit ultra distant space travel.

  • I suspect a lot of people now no longer believe that we on Earth are alone in the universe and that there may be other comparable life forms out there. What are your thoughts.. do you believe aliens exist?

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  • @troll I agree that the US are very stingy when it comes to helping people in need.. but that is their problem. These big tech companies avoid tax not just in the US but across the whole world in countries strapped for cash. For example a couple billion that google avoids paying because of a deal they struck with George Osbourne could have gone a…[Read more]

  • @Muhammad Hardly they simply wish to control and be at the top.. if they really wanted to make a world a better place they would start by paying taxes as that is one way to help society… but because this isn’t on their terms and what they want to do they dont. Although Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and even Zukerberg aren’t the worst of the silicon…[Read more]

  • If think AI can be a good thing but NOT in the hands of the tech elite (plutocrats) in charge at the moment. I think that it is just too naive to assume that the silicon valley elite will want to share. The big tech company’s don’t even want to pay their fair share of taxes most of the time and have had a devastating effect on small businesses,…[Read more]

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    I was told this story by a good friend of mine – so it could be completely made up but anyway…

    There was a company that made garden gnomes and decided to call themselves British Gnome Stores. British Home Stores (or BHS to those of you younger than 40) pursued them through the courts on the grounds that the company name was too similar to their…[Read more]

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    She gets her bonus after she has sanctioned enough vulnerable disabled people for no reason? SCUMBAGS!

  • Niles replied to the topic Getting taxation right in the forum General Chat 3 months ago

    Under your scheme, however, the company will have to pay tax at 20% in country A and can only secure an eventual deduction against CT in country B in later years and then only at a rate of 10%, leaving them unfairly out of pocket.

    @Jimjam How is that unfair? If they make a profit in A, why shouldn’t they pay tax on that in A. What goes on in B…[Read more]

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    There should be no private companies given any government contracts that don’t hold their tax accounts in the UK.

    @nev I would agree with that. However what would you say if the NHS used a company that cost 20% more because it did not manage its finacial affairs as efficently as possible.

    Its same old same old, people want public services, but…[Read more]

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