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  • I would definitely agree with your chiro assessment, of course for some people symptom treatment is the best option, essentially I just use them so it hurts less for a bit when it gets really bad.

    ps physio pilates instructors are fab

  • If you want to go NHS a lot of areas you can self refer to physio.

    However, In all my years of issues I have never had a good result from one, other than the fits of laughter at a suggestion to do dusting…
    GPs have only ever been disappointing and handed out anti inflammatories too.

  • I’ve got the Amazon Echo Dot (the small one) and the Echo Show (the one with the screen). I think they are great. Use one as an alarm clock and lights control in the bedroom and the other one on my desk as a clock-weather-news display, sometimes for background music or appointment reminder.

    The video call features on the Echo Show are…[Read more]

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    Bought my current Octavia Estate brand new over five years ago from a main dealer.

    I was in the happy position of being able to buy it outright for cash, but when the salesman said they had a deal running where for exactly the same price I could pay 50% up front and the balance at 0% interest over 2 years. As a semi retired pensioner, it suited…[Read more]