• ratface posted an update 3 weeks ago

    If you are thinking about buying from a site called <removed> then whatever you do not! In my opinion this site isnt worth doing business with. Three weeks ago I decided to buy some orthotic insoles from this site after paying £30+ for them.. I waited and I waited but they never arrived. I then tried getting in touch with them to see why my order hadn’t arrived. They ignored my first 3 emails and it was only when in my fourth email them I got an answer. They only replied to me this time around because I warned them that I was going to be taking out a paypal dispute. The email I got back was very blunt and arrogant and said that it wasn’t their fault that the order hadn’t arrived. They did say however that they would send another pair. I eventually received my order after a couple of days. The insoles that they sent me looked as though they wear already used. They were worn out, grubby and looked like a dog had been chewing on them. The insoles were in disgusting condition! I then tried contacting their customer support again telling them that I was not happy with the insoles that they sent me and was received a message back from <removed>telling me to basically f*** off and saying that they would not be giving me a refund.

    I have never been treated this bad by a company before and I am very angry, upset and out of pocket thanks to these scoundrels! <removed> does not treat its customers with respect at all and does not deserve your hard earned cash. I would advise anyone looking to buy from<removed> or their other site shoeinsoles.co.uk to look somewhere else! Even if the insoles I did get weren’t second hand and dog chewed they were very flimsy and were not worth £30 anyway so I wouldn’t even risk buying from them anyway.

    *Activity changed through users own request.

    • Just joined utterz to say me too! I bought some insoles from healthandcare.co.uk only for them to never arrive. Unlike you however healthandcare just ignored all of my emails/threats. Also I posted a review on some other site and someone from healthandcare managed to get it removed because it apparently it wasn’t “fair” on their company.. well it wasn’t fair for them to steal my money! #scumbags

    • 1+ this review. I bought a shoulder support from that site and I never got it. I am surprised scam companies based in the Uk are allowed to keep on doing business. My advice to anyone being scammed by them is to contact action fraud.

    • Duck replied 3 weeks ago

      I got scammed by them after buying some insoles. Like most people only bothered search for reviews about this company after I was scammed. Hopefully my paypal dispute will be found in my favor. Now I just need to find out were else to buy some insoles from to help with my really bad foot pain..already wasted 4 weeks waiting on something that never arrived and its getting worse.

    • Just received this in my inbox..looks as thought they are on the look out for negative reviews to get them removed because customers aren’t allowed a voice. Bad bad. Will remove the name of the company but obviously the ones that have already commented know who the scammers are.

      “Dear sir/madam,

      My name is Amy and I am the social media manager for . I stumbled across your post on this forum recently, and I am sorry to read that you had some issues with your order with us earlier in the year. I understand that you feel the ordering experience with us was not as you had expected, and I must apologise for the fact you feel you have had to create this forum thread as a result of this.

      However, we would like to kindly request that you take this post down from this site. While feedback is important to us, and we will always take comments seriously, we feel that this post and subsequent comments are misrepresenting the company. Additionally, there is the concern that customers may choose to post about any issues if they are dissatisfied with their order, rather than coming to us directly; we always make every effort to resolve and issues that may arise, and we would not want customers to feel like they cannot get in touch with us directly should there be any problem.

      Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and once again I apologise for the negative experience with your order. Please feel free to get back in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further.

      Yours faithfully,
      Amy at Health and Care”