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    soHost are really good and reasonably priced. I’m pretty sure they offer a service to transfer your old WordPress site to their servers and add the domain name.
    If you decide to go with them and get stuck transferring the site feel free to PM me, I’ve done it a few times

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    Looking in hindsight will make you go crazy. I felt guilty for a long time after (as a rather wayward teenager) getting into a car and directing two women and a guy to the red light district in Sheffield (they obviously didn’t know the city), my intuition told me they just wanted to get there after a long drive and I would be safe, which turned…[Read more]

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    When our kid graduates in a few years time with a £60,000 debt at the age of 22, accruing interest at 6.1%, of course she won’t have to pay it off if she doesn’t earn more than £25,000 pa for the next 30 years.

    Then when she does exceed the limit, that’s money she can’t put into her pension, and she’ll be paying more tax as a higher earner.

    • I’m sorry, but what you’ve written is (a) not clear to me and (b) doesn’t apparently address my point that a student who repays £0.00 before their loan is written off does not pay anything for their degree and therefore isn’t eligible for a “refund”.

      My simple point is that a “refund” to the student is not justifiable as some students will ne…[Read more]

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    No electrical input, but just to make you aware that some agents have been known to recommend tradesmen who are willing to give them a cut of the job over those that might do a better price. I wouldn’t assume the agent has got your interests at heart.

    Personally I’d ask for 3 quotes and cut the agent out if you can.

  • If it’s a decent brand, get in touch with them.. they’ll likely swap it out for nowt.

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    Thanks all for comments. I went with her today, and was very happy with the advice etc. Doesn’t seem anything too serious.

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    Hi. My wife has had a headache which coincided with her catching a virus on the 1st of January. We expected the headache to go but now a month and a bit later, and after more or less continually taking paracetamol, which has helped, she still has a headache which is no better this morning. The doctor she saw 10 days ago said to come back if…[Read more]

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    I think you can make a valid argument for a heart surgeon. But I find it harder to justify the enormous wages and importance of someone who works in the city making money , in itself a pretty abstract concept, in an artificial way that will likely never enter or benefit the real economy.

    @songbird Yes, I am also struggling with people in…[Read more]

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    The cyclodiode bit I don’t really understand, but it’s something being done to a bit of your eye called the ciliary body (this produces the aqueous humor that’s causing the pressure (IOP) to be too high, which is effecting the function of the optic nerve and causing the changes to your visual field). Presumably it’ll reduce the rate of aqueous…

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