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  • If you’ve got a good 4G signal, sounds like it might be an idea to look at using your mobile data instead…

  • stew replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 1 week, 4 days ago

    I was very sceptical, so someone I know that is a qualified acupuncture…ist(?!) did it to my hamstring area. I went from only being able to extend my leg to about 120deg, to fully straight with no discomfort at all.

    I don’t know how placebo works, but I don’t think it can make you more flexible? Only lasted about 10 minutes, but if you were…[Read more]

  • That equation doesn’t really deal with the likelihood of life actually arising though does it? The chapter “Fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life, fl” touches on it saying that for one reason and other it appears to be a fairly likely outcome given the right conditions, but then this:

    @mo No it doesn’t – but it pretty much…[Read more]

  • Surely since to our knowledge life has only ever arisen once on Earth, all other things being equal, the possibility of the rise of life itself might be seen as being pretty unlikely?

    @mo No. Even using very pessimistic (but yes – still guessed at) numbers, the probability is pretty high we’re not alone:…[Read more]

  • stew replied to the topic Extensor tendonitis in foot in the forum Health 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I have something like this but on the other side of my foot, Its from the underneath of my little toe down the outside edge and into my ankle, it’s constant agony and when standing I can hardly weight bare.