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    We constantly receive “come back to us and get up to 3.5 mb broadband”. No one in the postcode has ever got more than 1 mb and speeds remain around 0.7mb. To me that’s fraud.

  • I’d happily pay more if it meant more shops stocking Size 13 shoes. Ironically though the place that I find is best at stocking them is Sports Direct where they are nice and cheap.

    Other clothes (specifically 38″ waist 35″ leg trousers[1]) I don’t mind, I know what fits me so just order it online, if the shops don’t want my business I’m happy…[Read more]

  • Well done on being tenacious.

    However, I am surprised that you were surprised at how awful they were. Having looked at their website just now and seen rooms from £21 in Scarborough, there is no way I would even consider them for a special occasion. I’ve not heard of them before, and having looked at the site, I wouldn’t want to stay in them for…[Read more]

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    Or they are right and the public want them to be wrong.

    “Obviously they have f*cked up massively on crime:”

    • Any politician who told the truth wouldn’t be elected. People prefer to live in ignorant bliss.

      You get the public services that you pay for.

      • “You get the public services that you pay for.”

        Most certainly not.

        Anyone selling anything puts the price up if they can, and does less for the money if they can. Hard to stop for monopolies, and more so for public services. There has to be a constant war on waste and inefficiency, since those to blame do not lose directly from it. (Also a…[Read more]

        • No amount efficiency will improve a service that wasn’t funded sufficiently in the first place and then given extra tasks. You can lean, time and motion, etc.. all you like, but sometimes you just need more resources to get a job done. That is what costs and must be paid for.

        • “No amount efficiency will improve a service” Any extra efficiency will improve a service.

          We all get lazy if there’s no consequences. Not so much about making people work harder. Administration needs to be aggressively evaluating the whole operation and evolving. If you run a business you do this to survive. Without someone constantly worrying…[Read more]

        • I’m self employed plus a partner in another and yes efficiency matters. But there comes a point where you also need to invest to improve things, be it in people, training or assets. None of this is free and often can’t simply be funded by small efficiency savings elsewhere. That doesn’t mean you don’t evaluate what you do, how you do it and why…[Read more]

        • I suggest you are not disagreeing with me. But you think the government should have set the proportions of spending on different things, verses the borrowing that would be required, differently. Which I have not commented on.

        • No, I think people get the services they pay for, at the moment people expect the uk’s public services, police, NHS, education etc to be world class, whilst paying ever decreasing amounts of tax. If people expect better, they should consider the notion that these things need more funding. Borrowing to fund the annual costs of services is madness,…[Read more]

        • The borrowing is there already. We are hoping to reduce it.

          You may be right about tax increases. However there is an optimum level of tax for best productivity and eventual tax revenue. Obviously if tax was zero then there would be no tax revenue. But if everything went in tax then nobody would bother to earn, and the result would be the same.…[Read more]

        • Or tax for decades has been the tool to buy votes with short termist policies. While the costs of all public services has increased. Tax can increase to a point where people still value it. Having the funds for material products versus same day doctor access, better education, better care in old age, feeling safe on the streets. ..

      • Well the thread is “are politicians lying to us ?”

        I say generally not. They are doing their best based on their beliefs. Everybody wants to spend more on public services. Some believe that if we spend more, we will reduce our ability to spend in the future.

  • @jamie Can you explain how them knowing your hobbies, age, marital status etc suddenly turns into flights being cancelled? Or are you just jumping on the bandwagon of over exaggerating the issue?

  • I’ve not been on it for a couple of years now, I refuse to allow facebook to know what level of candy crush i’m on.

  • torieboy posted a new activity comment 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    For me this was hate speech.

    There appears to be a strong correlation between increase in hate speech and increase in violent hate crime. If people feel more able to say anti Semitic things, a number of them will feel it is ok to hurt people. Personally I think we should challenge hate speech strongly and I support the sheriff in this case. I…[Read more]

    • Can you give evidence of this, including evidence that there have been increases in “hate speech” (a very ill-defined thing) and violent hate crime?

  • torieboy posted a new activity comment 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I imagine that a clip that causes a lot of complaints because it’s construed as racist or antisemitic breaks their guidelines and they can take it down if it’s giving them a bad name. Their sandpit and all that.

    While it’s the role of the law to ensure support freedom of speech (first and foremost by not making jokes or opinions illegal) it’s…[Read more]

    • > they can take it down if it’s giving them a bad name. Their sandpit and all that.

      Last time I looked, just after the verdict, the original video had been blocked or removed but several other people had uploaded copies of it that appear when you search for it. It could be that the original author had chosen to take it down but it seems more…[Read more]

  • torieboy replied to the topic Non jobs in the forum General Chat 3 months, 1 week ago

    @sar You could, but you can argue any old bollocks and people on here frequently do. I put it to you, if after working hard at school to gain entry to medical school, spent 6/7 years getting getting qualified then on-going professional training throughout your career to save people’s lives and improve their quality of life, you deserve to be v…[Read more]

  • I Agree with @mohammad The govts callous attitude towards genuine job seekers derives from the legions of work shy scroungers who are abusing the system while pretending to look for work.

    The enemies aren’t Osbourne or the Maybot…the enemies are the people who could work but claim benefits instead.

  • @josh There are a lot of people with crippling disabilities who work, there are people with very little wrong with them who don’t work and use their “disability” as an excuse not to work. In between the 2 extremes there are thousands and thousands of people who just crack on as best they can.

    I think even disables people should have their…[Read more]

  • @josh Should the able bodied be forced to work?

  • Does a wheel chair prevent someone from working?