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  • Most bad stuff these days is generically referred to as malware which encompasses everything from viruses to keyloggers to spyware to what ever else nasty you can think of.

    Anti Virus software not only helps keep viruses out but it can also keep quite a bit of malware out in general. They also have the ability to stop you getting caught out by…[Read more]

  • I can’t believe China wanting to ignore thousands of years of keeping to itself to wanting to seek world domination.

    I can’t see Russia wanting world domination either, however the USA is a more scary prospect. And at least the UK is keeping its friends closer, or at least till Trump waddled on the scene.

    Maybe China and Russia could become…[Read more]

  • As our bean counters threaten military spending, Russia and China are considered a threat to try to increase funding for the armed forces.

    But are those Red nations a physical threat to our way of life?

    Apart from Russia playing war games, are they known for invading counties that they did not think were theirs ideologicaly?

    Rather than…[Read more]

  • went to see a physio yesterday who did a fact find but sadly no hands on treatment , he seems to think I have muscle spasms due to a spinal problem but didn’t give me a diagnosis. I didn’t warm to him tbh he seemed ‘ going through the motions ‘ but I have a treatment session next week so will see after that.

    He’s a physio so he can’t give you a…[Read more]

  • These products to me seem to serve Google/amazon more than they would serve me.

    I agree, for now. There’s obviously potential in the technology but from where I sit, I can’t yet see that anyone’s dropped on the ‘killer app’, to use a dreadful modern phrase, that turns it from something that might save you a couple of seconds checking something…[Read more]

  • troll replied to the topic Population growth in the forum General Chat 2 months, 1 week ago

    The US is actually shrinking world populationas they also are having 1.7 children per couple. Their growth, like the UK is purely down to net immigration.

    In planetary terms that means they’re not contributing to population growth at all.


  • troll replied to the topic I've given up diet drinks in the forum Health 2 months, 1 week ago

    Good luck!
    I read the study but will continue to drink diet drinks. I’m type one diabetic, I eat low carb high fibre, don’t smoke, certainly don’t do drugs and rarely drink so a nice cold can of Diet Coke is a nice treat. I’ve cut back a lot on carbonated drinks but I restrict enough in my life. I’ll take the risk.

  • If you just need a one-off spring clean, then contact a company and they will do a one-off, if you need Regular cleaner then it’s best to use word-of-mouth to find a good one.

  • Why don’t you speak to a chiropodist? They would advise you further.

  • troll replied to the topic How to grow taller? in the forum Health 2 months, 1 week ago

    One of my friends wears height increasing insoles that you basically put inside your shoes and they will make you a couple inches taller. I have tried them for myself and they do work and are quite comfortable to wear. Because they are discreetly placed inside you normal shoes and increase your heel height from within it means that they are hidden…[Read more]

  • Here are my calculations on life developing elsewhere in the universe…

    Some definitions. I use ‘life’ as shorthand for ‘intelligent life’. ‘N’ is the number of potentially habitable planets, and ‘P’ is the probability of intelligent life developing on any one planet. For a given N and P, we can ask what is the probability of life developing on…[Read more]

  • Engineers – masses and masses of data can be obtained and acted upon in design and structural calculations far quicker ans as accurately if not more accurately as humans can.

    Just on this, what you say is already true. What computers can’t currently do, and I imagine will not be able to for the foreseeable future is make high level judgements.…[Read more]

  • @niles Do you think if all the wealthy US tech firms paid a bucket load more in tax, that it would be spent on the welfare of the US people?

    I don’t.

  • troll replied to the topic Best pubs in the uk in the forum General Chat 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Bennigans in Castlemilk now an ex-pub.
    It would suddenly get very busy at certain times with lots of anxious and shifty looking people until the awaited man arrived then the brass scales came out in three or four different parts of the pub followed by the rizlas and people formed orderly queues.
    It was like an Amsterdam coffee house in the middle…[Read more]

  • I think that’s worse case scenario, logi! Most landlords wouldn’t dream of doing that. I have keys for my rentals, but there’s no way I’d go in without the tenant present. Fortunately we have good relationships, I organise repairs super quickly and ensure they’re happy. I wouldn’t dream of invading their privacy and there are laws to prevent thi…[Read more]

  • I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the police are currently almost as f*cked as the NHS, with further cuts on the way.

  • It sounds like you’re doing very well on the move larry. I hope the landlord gets all the bits done in time for you going in.

  • troll replied to the topic Worst pubs ever in the forum General Chat 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Just remembered this story in a pub in Southampton I once went too.. totally forgot the name of the pub though.

    A friend of mine was having a pint in it one afternoon in the summer. All the doors were wide open to the street. A dog wandered in from the street, cocked it’s leg against the jukebox, had a piss and wandered back out again. A few…[Read more]

  • troll replied to the topic Worst pubs ever in the forum General Chat 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hare and hounds in schude hill, Manchester. Went for a pee and found that someone had took a dump in the urinal

  • I caught this once, shook it off – then it came back to get me!

    Thursday morning absolutely floored me – couldn’t get out of bed, let alone function normally. Slight respite Friday and Saturday, now its well and truly got hold of me again.

    I NEVER get colds, but this is an evil b~gger – the congestion and headache is incredible and nothing seems…[Read more]

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