• utterz posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    I am seeing more and more of the “best of” spam review sites littering the search results nowadays on google. These sites consist of really long anal cookie cutter articles with really poor English reviewing tons of different products from amazon in a particular niche. It is obvious that the reviewer writing or rather spinning these article probably has never even tried the products that they are reviewing in their life, but for some reason google just loves them. In my niche these sites are dominating and there are MULTIPLE articles all with the same cookie cutter content on page 1 of search results. It really wouldn’t be hard for google to spot these websites and penalize them as all google needs to to identify them would be to see if the website has tons of amazon affiliate links or not, but it seems as though google does not penalize anything to do with amazon and just penalises of small businesses instead .. Google isn’t penalizing these amazon affiliate websites simply because google and amazon are in cahoots, so Google is letting these sites rank to help out amazon just like how google lets amazon rank 1,2,3 for all products keywords in order to make it harder for smaller sites to compete and to force them to buy adwords!