• utterz posted an update 11 months ago

    If you are thinking of getting a custom logo designed using a designer on studio envato then think again. Recently I used there service to get a logo designed for one of my new brands because I was lacking the time to make one myself and needed something done in vector format something I struggle with. I browsed around Envato Studio and picked one of top rated sellers to make my logo. I sent them my specs and loads of different logo ideas and concepts to give the designer an idea of what I liked so that they could hopefully create something half decent. A week later I get a an email telling me that my logo was finished. IT WAS UTTER GARBAGE! It was quite obvious that the logo designer spent all of 10 minutes creating the logo. The designer (if you can even call them that) ignored everything that I wanted and just went off on his own tangent and basically just typed my brand name out using a free font called “Mohave” and then used a google image silhouette related to my subject to the side of it. The logo was definitely not worth the $65 that I paid. And envato being envato means a refund is out of the question because like theme forest theme envato does not do refunds ever.. even if the product is absolute garbage. My advise to any thinking of getting logo design or branding done on envato studio… DONT you will just regret it and you will be able to make something far better yourself even if you are rubbish at Photoshop or illustrator. Envato is just a cesspool for scammers.