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Why Google is evil!

In my opinion google is a rotten company fuelled by greed! There are so many things bad about google I really don't know where to start. Google is run by Bilderberg scumbags who aren't happy with just having BILLIONS in the bank and avoid paying tax they want more and want to control everyone's lives aswell! To do this Google uses it 80% search engine market share to censor the internet and deliberately crushes small businesses in order to force these small businesses to buy adwords. Google is not just a search engine any more but political power that has weaselled its way into governments across the world to make sure that what google wants google gets. For example it sounds like something like from a George Orwell book not real life but Wikileaks has exposed that Bilderberg member and Google/Alaphabet boss Eric Schmidt plans to create a voter database in order to push people into voting for Hilary Clinton. What Eric Schmidt proposes to do in one of the emails is to collect information from peoples smart phones and then use this data to create a database which they can then use to social engineer people into voting for Hilary Clinton. It was also already exposed only a couple of days ago through another Wikileaks that Hilary Clinton's minions want to reach "fucking dumb young people” and will use trendy icons (celebs) to try to manipulate them into voting for her.. however this new leaked email takes things even further and shows that Hilary Clinton and her clan want to do this on a bigger scale and have neither any respect for peoples privacy and will stop at nothing to try to win votes! Wikileaks have already written an entire book about the close relationship between google and Wahington and the implications of what would happen if the evil people who run google do get the full power that they crave. What google is doing is extremely manipulative and is a threat against democracy but it doesn't just stop there Google also patrols the internet and actively de-indexes websites if it disagrees with them and is even developing fact checking technology (according to a paper a bunch of google engineers wrote a few months ago) that will make it easier for google to automatically detect facts on the internet and demote or promote certain websites based upon what facts are on the website. As you can see if google has its way then democracy and freedom of speech on the internet is doomed. I say make a stand today and BOYCOTT GOOGLE once and for all!

Democracy is bad for art!

Art is all about your own subjective opinion and interpretation and that is why art and democracy does not go together.

pop-art Just because some piece of art is popular doesn't make it a true reflection of how good it is! In this article I will be talking about how art should not go together with democracy and how the merging of these two concepts is a real and growing threat to both our individuality and creativity. It goes without saying that art is all about your own your personal expression and thoughts however in today's modern world of “pop culture” we are seeing this fundamental part of us that helps us to realize ourselves and express our souls taken from us, eroded and replaced with a superficial point system. Democracy is a political system of compromise created by the ancient Greeks to give all in society an equal say but why in the world of creativity and individuality should we let someone else's views and experiences shape and influence our own? When democracy is merged with art it creates culture. Culture is inherently bad for creativity and individuality as it limits our thinking to be in line with what is culturally acceptable. Culture ends up defining your opinions/creativity/fashion/music taste as instead of shaping your opinions on what you like you limit yourself based on things that will fit that culture. Due to the fact that Culture reinforces the notion that art should be collectively accepted and all art that is not part of the cult is not good it means that true freedom of expression is oppressed and everyone becomes zombies of the cult regurgitating the same old stuff over and over again just in slightly different combinations. Many try to rebel against mainstream culture by forming sub cultures however Sub cultures are just as bad if not worse because sub cultures further limit your own interpretations and expression by narrowing down what is acceptable even more. Even if you do not mind being a part of a cult and your thoughts not being entirely your own what about about your thoughts being subliminally influenced by the people that oppress you? We all know that society is not 100% equal and is shaped by those who are at the top, who own the media, who pay the politicians and who are the world changers. Are you happy for them to define the society and culture that you live in and are influenced by? popculture-sucks This is evident in the world of pop music and on shows such as the X factor where people are compete against each other to find out who will be the best. The x factor would not exist if it does not make money and the only real motivation of this contest is to make money or if you are a contestant to become rich and famous... and superficially those who will not get the most votes get kicked out but if there is a voting tie then the VIP judges get top decide who leaves and who goes.. a stark reminder of the world that we live in and that simply some peoples views and opinions outweigh even millions of other peoples views. Popular culture is not based upon art or creativity but is purely a superficially system to herd people using popularity to define what is good and what is not to strip people of their own individuality.