Massaging gel insoles (4/5)

Main features include:

-Honeycomb gel design that massages your feet as you walk.-Excellent shock absorption to help prevent shock damage.-Prevents the build up of pressure underneath your feet and heels to stop foot fatigues and aches and pains.-Supports the arch of your foot helping to ease plantar fasciitis.If you are on your feet all day then you may suffer from tired aching feet, you are also at greater risk of developing plantar fasciitis. By wearing a pair of these massaging gel insoles you can help to give your feet and break. They are designed to massage your feet soothing foot pain and taking strain and pressure off key parts of your foot.

Unlike the other insoles listed above these insoles will provide your feet with a custom level of support and protection as they mold to the exact shape and contours of your feet. Using orthotic compression technology these insoles will also help to realign and correct the positioning of your feet into a more natural position that places less strain on key parts of your feet to help you prevent injury better.

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