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When you have plantar fasciitis you will need to take as much strain and tension off your arches as possible. To do so you will need a pair of insoles that have lots of rigid support. These Arch support insoles from NuovaHealth have made from carbon fiber and will give your feet lots of rigid arch support. This rigid support will help to reduce strain and pressure on your feet and plus will make sure that your feet are positioned and aligned correctly reducing the risk of further damage and injury to your affected foot whilst your plantar fasciitis recovers.

You don’t have to have plantar fasciitis to wear a pair either. Due to the fact that they are made from lightweight carbon fiber means that these insoles are perfect for runners and athletes who suffer from foot pain. They are also good for people with high arches and flat feet who are more prone to overstretching and damaging the plantar fascia. If you are someone who is constantly on your feet these insoles can help. Being on your feet all day can cause pressure to build-up underneath the soles and heels of your feet which can over time cause damage, pain, and injury. However, these insoles have been specially designed to help spread this pressure evenly throughout your feet so that pressure can no longer cause damage to them.

Main features include:

  • Inbuilt arch support to help prevent arch strain and common overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis
  • Lightweight carbon fiber design means these insoles will not weight your feet down when you wear them this makes them ideal for wearing inside sport and running shoes!
  • Orthotic support will help to correct the biomechanics of your feet helping to prevent common causes of injuries such as overpronation and supination when you walk.
  • Helps to ease plantar fasciitis and heel pain quickly and effectively!

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  1. I wear these inside my shoes and they are very comfy! I used to suffer from really bad foot pain and tried just about every different insole brand but only gave my feet the right kind of support that they so desperately needed.

  2. Just before Christmas I got really bad plantar fasciitis after overdoing it one morning out running. I tried everything to help ease my really painful feet but nothing seemed to work. I then bought these insoles and they have helped immeasurably!

  3. I bought a pair of these to sort out my arch pain and after 2-3hours of wearing them my pain was gone… this was after buying countless other brand such as scholl and superfeet which just damaged and wrecked my feet.

  4. These are definitely the insoles to go with if you have foot pain. I have been wearing them for a few weeks now and my feet feel so good and haven’t had any problems with pains or aches at all since I started wearing them!

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