Footreviver Shock Absorbing Insoles (5/5)

Overtime shock can cause damage to not only your feet but also to other parts of your body such as your shins, knees and even your lower back. Preventing damage caused by shock couldn’t be easier with a pair of these shock absorbing insoles. These insoles are made from the very best, durable and shock resistant EVA material that will prevent shock from damaging your feet when you run, jump or walk. With memory foam top layer these insoles will also give your feet an extra layer of added protection, support and comfort. They are also perfect for runners and athletes as they are not too bulky, lightweight and can be quickly and easily fitted into running shoes with ease.

Main features include:

  • Made from medical grade high quality EVA shock absorbing material to keep your feet and lower limbs protected against shock damage.
  • Perfect for runners and athletes wanting to stay injury free.
  • Inbuilt arch support to take strain and pressure off your arches.
  • Designed to be super lightweight and flexible.
  • Heel cups helps to give you better balance and more stability in your heels and ankles.

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