Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Lag issues let the game down!

Star wars Battlefront maybe a good game to play but it is massively let down by lag causing elastic band syndrome, freezing and teleporting and crashing issues which has become such a problem that for most players the game is now unplayable! Don’t’ get me wrong when you are able to play the game, it is one of the best games around but thanks to constant connection problems it is rare to be able to play any match without some kind of lag or crashing from the game entirely.

Despite numerous threads on the official Star wars battlefront forum and on Reddit dating back from when the game was first released from people simply being unable to play the game that they have purchased because of lag the developers are simply choosing to ignore the lag issue and not fix it.

Most of the gamers facing serve lag are presented with an alert saying “Slow internet connection, this may affect gameplay”, however, this is simply FAKE NEWS. EA is trying to put the blame on gamers for having a slow broadband but the fact is that it is actually EA’s fault for using servers that simply cannot cope as one Youtuber points out in the video below…

The reason why the developers of this game have chosen to use such rubbish servers maybe because they had to pull purchasable loot boxes from the game after backlash from gamers resulting in a loss of revenue for them (that’s if making millions alone from releasing the title wasn’t enough for them already). To get the revenge the developers have decided to host their servers. It is evident that game developers no longer respect their customers and do not deserve our money. That is why I call upon all gamers facing these issues to not put their faith in EA any longer and to choose to boycott EA’s games until these issues are fixed.

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