You will read my messages in Bane's voice, it's inevitable. Nows the time for fear! Manifesto My graphics are based on the information available at the time, & are updated as needed as more information becomes available. A few cases have non-black participants in group crimes. White Victims of Black Crime Infographics White on White crime news isn't suppressed. What little White on Black crime there is, is highlighted by the same media that plays down Black on White Crime, & covers for our failing justice system, which lets these monsters loose to maim & kill again. My graphics are a response. #StopWhiteGenocide
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Her name was #EbbaÅkerlund #StopWhiteGenocide Her name was #EbbaÅkerlund #StopWhiteGenocide
The Fire Rises
White Victims of Multiculturalism - 0012 - 2017 Stockholm truck attack - Ebba plays the guitar #2
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