In my opinion, Google is a rotten company fuelled by greed! There are so many things bad about google I really don’t know where to start. Google/Alphabet is run by Bilderberg members who are worth BILLIONS. Google is not just a search engine any more but political power that has weaselled its way into governments across the world to make sure that what google wants google gets. For example it sounds like something like from a George Orwell book not real life but Wikileaks has exposed that Bilderberg member and Google/Alaphabet boss Eric Schmidt plans to create a voter database in order to push people into voting for Hilary Clinton. What Eric Schmidt proposes to do in one of the emails is to collect information from peoples smart phones and then use this data to create a database which they can then use to social engineer people into voting for Hilary Clinton. It was also already exposed through another Wikileaks that Hilary Clinton’s minions want to reach “fucking dumb young people” and will use trendy icons (celebs) to try to manipulate them into voting for her.. however this new leaked email takes things even further and shows that Hilary Clinton and her clan want to do this on a bigger scale and have neither any respect for peoples privacy and will stop at nothing to try to win votes!
Wikileaks have already written an entire book about the close relationship between google and Wahington and the implications of what would happen if the evil people who run google do get the full power that they crave.

What Google is doing is extremely manipulative and is a threat against democracy but it doesn’t just stop there Google also patrols the internet and actively de-indexes websites if it disagrees with them and is even developing fact checking technology (according to a paper a bunch of google engineers wrote a few months ago) that will make it easier for google to automatically detect facts on the internet and demote or promote certain websites based upon what facts are on the website. As you can see if Google has its way then democracy and freedom of speech on the internet is doomed. I say make a stand today and BOYCOTT GOOGLE once and for all!