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    Having nearly got wiped out by a speeding truck on my way to the shopse, I want to get a dash cam, one front facing and one rear, but are there any idiot proof ones? My car has Bluetooth. Do you always have to plug them into the lighter and have trailing wires? Do you need to buy a memory card thing? I’ve tried looking on Amazon but it’s rather baffling. I don’t particularly want the cheapest, but I DO want one that I can’t mess up!

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    Go to Halfords. They have a good selection and can also wire them in properly so no trailing wires.
    I was given one for Christmas which came from Halfords and got my garage to wire it in which cost £30, I think the dash cam was about £60.

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    I’ve got a nextbase, it’s a good few years old now, dead easy to use and has saved me thousands on a claim! They are one of the more common ones.

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      1+ mines a Nextbase 101. Very easy to use.

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    Mine is cheepy-cheap from ebay, both rear and front faced. Yes, it has to be permanently plugged into lighter but cables are long enough to tuck it quite tidy.

    I have to say, I noticed changes just having a dashcam suck to my windscreen.

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    Thank you for the ideas. I didn’t think of Halfords! Will also have a look at the Nextbase. I was quite shaken up by the truck thing and now want one asap!

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    Mine was fitted by a garage. It is permanently hardwired in, no wires showing. I have it behind the rear view mirror on the passenger side so I don’t even really notice it, and it simply turns itself on when I start the engine and off again when I stop it. The recording is on a loop, so it just records over old footage, so no need to touch it ever. It also has a motion detector, so if someone hits my car when it is parked up unattended it will also record then for a few minutes.

    I just forget it is there.

    My last car had it in for a few years and the only time I used it was when in dispute with a company (a private gym/pool and a ‘customer’ blocked access to my clothes in a basement pool area with no one else present, said that he was going to hold me hostage. I ran out as I was and went to staff, but they did not even ban the man, just said that was how he was, and initially refused to give me the remainder of my membership money back!) and when they knew the conversation with the gym manager was recorded they refunded me the unused portion. I don’t think it was admissible in court as I had not declared it was being recorded (TBF I had not even thought about that, it was just that I took the call when driving) but when they later denied what they said and I mentioned it was recorded they did a turnaround.

    It is also good for lifting footage of good or funny stuff.

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    Nextbase are good and have been around for a while. The hardwire kits are available separately and they’re not hard to install yourself if you’re that way inclined.

    I wouldn’t buy one from Amazon. More often than not you will end up getting a cheap Chinese counterfeit that will stop working after a week… that’s what happened to me!

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