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    Whats the best thing to use to clean and disinfect a keyboard and mouse? My boss will insist on using mine when Im out of the office, so every afternoon, and he has some very unpleasant habits (which I wont relate for you). Before I start work in the morning I normally wipe everything over with a baby wipe but would like to disinfect it if possible to reduce my chances of catching his children’s various bugs, which he seems to think is his duty to pass on to me. Telling him not to use it is not an option so what can I use on it, daily, to help with cleanliness?

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    I cleaned my keyboard with a sock yesterday so that’s probably not much help!!

    On a more useful note, I buy lemony fresh anti-bacterial wipes from Wilco for slightly tougher jobs that baby wipes just aren’t strong enough to tackle. For example I use them to wipe the fridge and the loo but not at the same time

    They’re really good, smell nice, get rid of nasty germs, come in a handy re-seal dispenser and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

    You just need to make sure they’re not too wet as you don’t want to blow up your keyboard accidentally.

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    Buy your own keyboard and mouse that you bring in to work (or keep in a locker) for your exclusive use?

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      I have debated whether to do that tbh, it seems a bit ott but honestly, I think it might be the way to go. He will not stay away from the office when he has colds, flu or sicky bugs and I havent got time to be ill with dogs and a pony to look after. Im sure he will think Im completely barking but needs must sometimes

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      Similar to that… I have a vertical mouse, other people hate using it ergo people avoid my desk

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    There are UV wands that are supposed to kill germ on your keyboard, but I don’t know how effective they are.

    Nobody uses my desk at work when I’m away, so I don’t have that problem.

    At home, though, I got a completely blank keyboard and the kids really, really dislike it.

    I think the idea’s posted above are good. Set up your workspace how you like it, and preferably in a way that nobody else finds comfortable. A keyboard can be had really cheaply, like €12 or €15, mice, too, are not expensive.

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    You could alternatively very cheaply buy a waterproof silicone keyboard cover to put over the keyboard?

    Or for ‘medical’ use there are fully waterproof keyboards that can be dunked and cleaned in soapy water, or other waterproof ones with keys that are flatter, and can be wiped clean with any type of wet/disinfectant wipe, as wet as you want it.

    But it’s not really fair that you’ve got to buy your own computer equipment though? Unless you own part of the business or something like that.

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    Dettol spray on a cloth and go to town on the keyboard. Just make sure the computer’s off or you run the risk of doing some crazy stuff to it lol

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    Chris B

    Assuming your boss is not terribly IT literate, and you are using the same login / account as they are to access your computer, use the windows settings to switch over your mouse buttons to ‘left handed mouse’. Select sticky keys on the keyboard. Rotate your screen display by 90 degrees (press ctrl+alt+left or right arrow). Take a screenshot of your screen, paste it into a powerpoint presentation, copy the slide umpty-ump times and leave the file open in presentation mode. Set auto-correct so that every time they type their surname, MS Word replaces it with ‘Ipickmynoseinpublic’. Retire to a safe distance and enjoy.

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      In the ‘old days’ (before optical mice were a thing) removing the mouse ball was a good one. Even now you can get surprising mileage from a very small piece of post-it note over the red light.

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    These germy types annoy me. Mabey leave some hand sanitiser and a print -out about the importance of hand cleanliness on your desk for him to peruse

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