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    If you found this post via google you are probably wanting to know if Brixly is any good and whether to go with them or not, In my opinion, you should avoid them and go with a better host such as Siteground if you can afford it or Tech-hosts. This is because my experience with is a very negative one.

    I hosted a site with them using there not so cheap £9.75 reseller offering to host a simple WordPress site on. The site that I was trying to host on Brixly was an ever so simple WordPress blog and shop with minimal plugins turned on and a very basic theme but despite this my sites speed was dismal, to say the least. Frustrated I put my site through Pingdom’s site speed testing tool and it was reported after multiple tests that my sites were taking on average around 10 seconds to load. In one test It took a whole minute for my page to load making it only 3% faster than the rest of the internet according to Pingdom… and when I tried to complain I was censored!

    Originally, I wrote a review on Trustpilot but it was removed after Brixly reported it. It was a very short review describing my experiences with the host and just how slower loading times I was getting.

    I can only assume that tries its best to remove all negative reviews that it gets on Trustpilot to stop potential customers from seeing them. For me this shows that Brixly does not care about helping its customers and more bothered about getting rid of bad publicity.

    I would advise anyone thinking of using them to think again because in this day and age to have a site take 10 seconds to load is just not acceptable. Slow site speed can frustrate your users (especially on mobile devices), cause your rankings in Google to tumble and lose you revenue.

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    My original review that is still available on the Google cache version of the Trustpilot page simply says:

    My SMALL WordPress site hosted on has a load time of 60 SECONDS!!! according to Pingdom. Keep in mind this is with caching enabled which should speed things up and plugins, themes etc are kept to the bare minimum. Oh well, at least my site is faster than 3% of the internet. :S

    Judge for yourself whether this review deserved to be taken down. From now on Im never going to write reviews on Trustpilot if this is what they do! I will instead just write reviews on websites I know won’t censor me.

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      I see absolutely nothing wrong with this review.. albeit it’s short and sweet but it just tells of your experiences with them. I think it is very bad and dishonest that they got rid of your review! :/

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    Dennis Nind

    Hi there,

    First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dennis Nind and I am the founder of Brixly UK.

    I have had a look into this and I know the only review to have be removed from TrustPilot was one whereby we had requested proof of purchase as your name was not found in our customer database. Also, we checked our support system to check if a similar issue had been raised, again there were no results.

    We then went to the lengths of checking our cancellation requests manually and checking the reasons for the cancellations and can again confirm there are absolutely no cancellations due to performance.

    The reason for us requesting this information is due to the fact that we believe your account didn’t actually exist, and therefore would consider your review to be false. This of course gives us reason to invalidate the claim and therefore remove the review from trustpilot and shows no dishonesty on our part, although I am perfectly happy for readers of this to make up their own minds.

    However should you have had this issue or should you have actually had an account with Brixly, I completely agree this would be your right to express your opinion. However I do believe that if I had of been in your position I would have raised this with support as it’s evidently an isolated issue given the fact that almost all of our reviews talk extremely highly of the performance of our infrastructure.

    Given the fact that no response was given to the review dispute its within the trustpilot guidelines to remove the review.

    There were also multiple points throughout the escalation process with trustpilot whereby you could have validated your claim. It was your choice to ignore that, and simply post the same review whereby no proof is required.

    I’m sure that anyone reading this review will take into account the fact that trustpilot is a platform whereby verified reviews are permitted and false claims are to be removed.

    However should you actually have an account with us or have had an account in the past I would welcome you to contact me to resolve this. According to our statistics 93% of our 68,000 sites load in less than 3 seconds, whilst 76% load in less than 2 seconds.

    We also monitor all of our servers with 264 failure points, meticulously every 15 seconds via our internal monitoring suite. Rest assured performance is not something of an issue here and is instead something we pride ourselves on.

    It seems you have taken a considerable amount of time and effort to falsify a review with us, which of course seems suspicious. Hence of course my interest.

    Call the office number, verify proof of your account and I will personally check the site. If it doesn’t load faster here than with any of the mentioned competitors, then I will validate the review and remove the dispute.

    Brixly UK

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