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    Somebody took my wing mirror off my car today while it was parked on the road outside my parents house. I only got the car yesterday!! A person living in the street left a note on my windscreen and has since provided me with the registration number of the van. I’ve reported it to the police and also my insurance company, who have said they will get the underwriters to call me.

    I’ve since looked on eBay and a complete mirror in the same colour is £35. My OH can easily fit it, so no extra cost to me.

    My dad says claim, the man who hit me and drove off should have a consequence and not get away with it. My OH says get the second-hand mirror and be done with it as any claim is going to take a while and I’ll be stuck with the broken mirror for ages. I don’t have a courtesy car option either as we have more cars than people in this house so always a spare. My no claims is protected but the excess a few hundred. The car is 13 years old so not immaculate to start with.


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    You will still need to declare at renewal that you had an “accident” and made a claim. You’d still have your ncb and it was “non fault” but still on record. Can increase your premiums.*

    I’d get it replaced myself, but don’t know if it’s too late now that you have already involved insurance?

    *”Non-fault claims can mean that your car insurance premiums increase – but it shouldn’t go up by as much as if you had a fault claim. This is because some insurers will consider you more likely to have another accident if you’ve already been in one crash, meaning they view you as more of a risk.”

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    Chris B

    I would (and have in the past) just get the second hand one/breaker’s yard/dealer.

    The previous owner of my current car managed to get the driver who dinged it and drove off, the police tracked him down. Culprit didn’t want to do it through insurance so paid to have the whole panel re-sprayed…

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    I’d just replace it. I’ve replaced two on my car. One knocked off by a pheasant flying into it, one kicked off by kids.

    I wouldn’t even have considered contacting my insurers, in my mind insurance is for the unaffordable things like the car being totalled.

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