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    I have a shop on Etsy, and a page on Facebook for it. I try to post a couple of times a week, and share to local selling groups.

    I’ve tried Instagram and Pintrest, but they don’t do a lot for me.

    Are there any other easy to use sites which I could try?

    Thanks for any ideas

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    Do you boost your posts at all? And are you targetting specific buyers within those groups – are there groups specific to what you sell?

    If your audience is under 35 you can’t afford not to be on Instagram (Pinterest is very US-centric, I think). However, there’s a knack to it. No one clicks on stories that look like ads, so you need to build your brand in other canny ways. Build a story. Build competitions on FB – like and share options still pull in traffic. Get people talking about your stuff. It’s really, really hard, starting from scratch and I usually get my new clients to really learn about how their customers behave, and what they need in terms of information and when. However, I also suggest that they set aside some budget for boosting posts and they really think about their audience demographics when they are doing it. You also need a really good website – still, that is SEO’d to the hilt, still. Keywords are still ruling the internet trawlers although that might all change in the not too distant future. And particularly, make sure your site is optimized for voice.

    Are you a member of Rural Crafts and do you go to all the shows? I think that once you build up an offline following, you tend to get a boost on online following.

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      Excellent advice!

      I have a young friend who has recently started a small business making novelty wax crayons for party favours and the like. She has been very inventive with her photography, included small competitions, targeted the right age groups (pre-schools, nursery age, etc) and is doing really well for a business started just 3 months ago.

      She hasn’t boosted her FB posts as yet, but it looks as if she may not need to!

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      Thank you both!

      I boosted posts on FB, and did some “like and share” giveaways, but although that got more people on the FB page it hasn’t translated into sales.

      I will look into Instagram again – I’m over 35 and don’t really get itbBut will make more effort.

      I’m not a member of Rural Crafts, although I belong to a local craft group and sell in their shop.

      I have 15 shows on the calendar for the remainder of the year, and am hoping as you say that this will build up my online following.

      I do wonder if part of the problem is that UK shoppers don’t seem to have heard of Etsy – out of my 15 sales, I’ve had 2 to the UK, 4 to the US, and the rest were friends/family.

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    I tried Etsy for 6 months and had no sales at all. I had adverts in magazines that maybe gave me 1 or 2 sales a year so weren’t worth the month. Tried a higher profile magazine spent £2 or £2k on adverts got zip from it.
    I do lot’s of shows and have got a very loyal following from that. Facebook is a wonderful tool for me. Twitter gives me zip but I do a bit with it. Insta is garnering interest from all over the world but no sales (I’m 47 btw hashtags are the key to post reach)
    I have a website that is great, but doing demonstrations, word of mouth and being visible at shows is definitely my best source of income.

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    It might be worth you doing some Google Adwords for a bit. I can send you some links to keyword strategy sites that will help your Google Ads effectiveness. Also, make sure you have both a YouTube and a Google+ account. Whilst no one really uses Google+, Google loves its own and ranks those who bother to post to its two social platforms.

    Do you know anyone with a vlog/blog? Would they do some influencer marketing for you? I don’t know what your product is, but if it’s something one would wear, have a trawl through the YoutTube vids and see if a particularly enthusiastic youngster with a good following stands out for you, and get in touch.

    And this should help with Instagram:

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    I would stay well away from Google AdWords! It is a scam. At best you will be just breaking even… most of the time you will just be throwing your money away. It does depend on what your selling but for most things, conversion rates are really lousy and if you’re not selling exactly what people are looking for at the right price (which is hard if you are selling creative handmade things and have the google tax eating away at your profits) you won’t even get your money back.

    Google basically makes its money from ripping off people and forcing everyone to use AdWords because they make it impossible for the small guys to rank in the normal results.

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      I agree Google AdWords is a complete rip-off. Google is basically the internet mafia running an extortion racket.

      Google has been demoting and hiding small businesses in the normal search results for years now! Thanks to their search engine monopoly this means they can force small businesses into buying their worthless ads just to be found online! It is absolutely disgusting but Google gets away with it because politicians don’t care thanks to Google paying them off via bribes (lobby money) money just like the mafia does.
      And because Google AdWords is so oversaturated with comp[tition and people bidding up the prices you will not be able to get any profit out of it and most small internet businesses just go out of business now if they try to rely on Google.

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        Hmm.. it is quite serious what Google is doing. They are destroying peoples livelihoods, which can have a devastating effect on peoples mental health and wellbeing. BUT the people who work for Google… Googlers as they to be called like don’t care AT ALL!!!
        There is a good reason why Google have multi-billion dollar campuses with everything their employees ever need in them so they don’t have to leave… it is because they are sociopaths and seem themselves as above everyone else and don’t want to mix with “non-Googlers” who are not part of the cult. They are evil, greedy, self-righteous and abhorrent people.

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    Are your products selling well in the shop and when you sell at shows and events? If so, you need to work out why that is not translating to your online sales – do you need to photograph your products better, would videos help demonstrate how good your products are, for example?

    If they are not selling particularly well in the shop and at shows, then you may need to re-evaluate your product, see if it can be improved and re-consider your pricing.

    I’d also suggest looking at people who sell similar things, particularly if they are doing so successfully, and see what they are doing differently to you!

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    Thanks everyone, I’ll take a look at the things that have been suggested 🙂

    @scarymary, my things are selling well in shops and at shows. I just need a way to drive more people to my Etsy shop – it’s not like Ebay, you need to drive traffic yourself

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    Chris B

    Google adwords simply doesnt work!

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